Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

With writer Peter Tomasi's debut on Superman/Wonder Woman, readers were introduced to Wonderstar, a mysterious new character with a connection to the two heroes.

The character showed up at the end of Superman/Wonder Woman #13, taking out two villains who were troubling Superman and Wonder Woman. Solicitations for upcoming issues also hint that the Wonderstar will bring with him other problems — the hero has "strange, erratic powers," and he doesn't know who he is or where he comes from, or "why he feels a strange connection to the Man of Steel and the Amazon Warrior."

Although speculation abounds about the identity of Wonderstar, Tomasi is keeping pretty quiet about the new character. But with Magog showing up in February and other themes emerging about the differences between Diana and Clark, Newsarama talked with the writer to ask for a few hints about whether this is connected to Kingdom Come, why conflict interests him, and the changes he's bringing to Superman/Wonder Woman.

Newsarama: Pete, on Superman/Wonder Woman, the big question is, who is Wonderstar?

Credit: DC Comics

Peter Tomasi: Right. And there's not a lot to say, still, at this moment, because we won't know until the end of #14.

Nrama: Ah, so we find out that soon?

Tomasi: Yeah, the way I'm writing is just, really jam­packing it with stuff. I don't want to go for a decompression. We're just throwing a lot of stuff in each issue, and not pulling things along too long.

So you'll find out who Wonderstar is and the ramifications of that for Superman and Wonder Woman, and how it all plays out.

Issue #14 has a ton of action. Doug Mahnke has drawn an amazing issue, which I'm actually flipping through right now — just great, cool character interaction with Wonderstar, and how the relationship of Superman and Wonder Woman will change very quickly.

Nrama: That interesting. We have seen a bit of a spoiler in the solicitations about Magog. Can you talk about what he's bringing to this story?

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Tomasi: Magog will be making an appearance in the "New 52," in the pages of Superman/Wonder Woman. And how he comes to be, I think, will be a nice surprise — his introduction to Clark and Diana.

Nrama: Is his appearance still part of the Wonderstar story?

Tomasi: Yes, #13 through #17 is one story arc. And Wonderstar and Magog are all part of the same story. There will be a reveal of another character, too, that pops up from, let's just say, Wonder Woman's past, who makes an appearance and is also tied into all this.

Nrama: Can you describe what part, or what elements of Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship come into question? Because it felt like your first issue was really contrasting Superman's compassion for humanity with Wonder Woman's, maybe, less compassionate approach. Is that where they're going to be torn?

Tomasi: A little bit. That's definitely a major through line.

She just expects certain things, and depends on Superman in some of the situations. I guess the best way to say it, without giving too much away, is their perspective on certain things will definitely play a part in the way their relationship evolves. And also, making sure that the relationship — you know, I don't want to play it "lovey­dovey" on a constant basis. If there's no conflict within a relationship sometimes — you know, there's nothing less interesting than watching two people who adore each other, either on a written page or on a screen. You know, Sam and Diane, or you go through the litany of characters, the minute they're in a pure, like, "Oh, I love you dearly," there's not much to explore as a writer.

I want to really try to look at as real a relationship as we can between Clark and Diana.

They've got different opinions on things, so I want to explore that in different ways.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: For people who've read Kingdom Come, the theme of compassion is also part of that storyline, and it's where Magog was introduced. Is the Magog you're introducing to the New 52 the same Magog — or the same type of character, who lands on the side of less compassion? Tomasi: [Laughs.] It's tough to answer that question right now.

I will say that Magog will be recognizable to readers of Kingdom Come, but at the same time, there will be an angle, a newness, a perspective on him that's also quite different.

Nrama: Then to finish up, is there anything else you want to let people know before the release of Superman/Wonder Woman #14?

Tomasi: Doug Mahnke's doing some stupendous work, and it's been a really run book to write so far. I'm looking forward to really peeling back the onion on their relationship as we go forward, and just really having fun with it. And introducing some new villains and new concepts into the mythos.

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