WAID & STAPLES Announced For ARCHIE Relaunch

Illustration by Fiona Staples
Credit: New York Times
Life With Archie #24 variant cover by Fiona Staples
Life With Archie #24 variant cover by Fiona Staples
Credit: Archie Comic Publications

It's a new day, Archie Andrews.

In honor of of the Archie family of comic characters' impending 75th anniversary in 2016, Archia Comics Publications has announced  that they're relaunching the flagship Archie series in 2015 with the creative team of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Publisher/CEO Jon Goldwater says in a press release that the relaunched series will rely on the "strengths" of the characters' popularity, and "harken back" to their "humorous and edgier roots".

"The Archie characters aren't in need of a tune-up, 'shocking change,' or revision," says Goldwater. "What Archie #1 will do, though is bring together two of the most talented creators in comics in Mark Waid and Fiona Staples and create a surprising and definitive take on Archie's origin -- a story that has never been."

Both Waid and Staples have worked on Archie in the past; Waid did co-wrote an issue of Archie early in his career in 1992, while Staples has contributed various variant covers over the past few years. On Twitter, Staples says she'll be pencilling the first three issues of Archie before returning to her popular creator-owned title Saga alongside Brian K. Vaughn. 

2015 will be a very busy year for Archie and the Archie Comic Publications company; Fox is working on a live-action Riverdale television series with Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti, Mark Ecko is working on a clothing line, and Girls creator Lena Dunham is penning an as-yet-untitled four issue comic series that year.

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