DC Comics January 2015 soliciations
Credit: DC Comics

Tom Taylor is leaving Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 3, the best-selling, digital-first title that made him a fan-favorite writer at DC after its launch in 2013. Brian Buccellato, best known as the former co-writer of The Flash and current co-writer on Detective Comics, will take over Injustice with January's digital issue #15.

Taylor's departure from Injustice comes at the same time as his quieter departure from Earth 2, the ongoing New 52 title he's been writing since November 2013. With October's Earth 2 #27, Taylor began working with co-writer Marguerite Bennett, but on solicitations for January (issue #30) and February (#31), Taylor is no longer listed as a writer. DC Comics confirmed for Newsarama Taylor's last Earth 2 will be December's issue #29.

DC told IGN that Taylor was leaving because of his "increasingly busy schedule."

A screenwriter and playwright, Taylor's also currently writing Superior Iron Man after launching the comic in October for Marvel, while concurrently working on an animated TV series based on his The Deep: Here Be Dragons graphic novels.

"I'm writing a TV series and doing another project," Taylor recently told Newsarama. "And I only have one brain."

The writer launched the digital-first Injustice: Gods Among Us in January 2013 as a prequel to the popular video game of the same name. His last issue of the series will be digital issue #14 (print issue #7).

Injustice is in the midst of its "Year Three" storyline, which Buccellato said will last 24 digital issues. Taylor has already written an outline — the "broad strokes for the rest of Year Three" of the title — and Buccellato said he intends to stick closely to them.

"He has an overall vision for the year that is pretty freaking cool, and as they say… 'If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.' That said, his roadmap for the 'Year of Magic' still leaves plenty of room for me to do my thing," Buccellato said.

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