DOCTOR WHO: LEGACY Game Celebrates Holidays With Titan Comics Themed Surprises

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Doctor Who: Legacy, the free-to-play game full of timey wimey (only on rare days do I get to type that phrase twice) gem-matching stuff, is celebrating the countdown to Christmas with its second annual “Advent Calendar.”

This year, on the 10th, 11th, and 12thof the December, you can play special feature levels that are based on the comic book series featuring those corresponding Doctors, as published by Titan Comics.

Today’s “10” level has a special reward, Gabriella Gonzalez plus extra costumes. Tomorrow’s “11” level unlocks Alice Obiefune plus an extra costume. Finally, the “12” level on Friday brings you a new costume for his companion, Clara Oswald.

Of course, we don’t like waiting here at Newsarama, so thanks to our pals at Tiny Rebel Games and Titan Comics, our readers can use this code to immediately unlock Gabby and Alice:


The code expires December 31, 2014, so jump on it now.

Credit: BBC

Not playing Doctor Who: Legacy yet? You can play it, for free, on iOS, facebook, android, and Kindle via the following links:



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