Report: Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures SPIDER-MAN Sharing Talks Happened, Fell Through

Credit: Marvel Comics

Yes, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures talked about sharing Spider-Man, specifically for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and a new trilogy of films.

No, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

According to The Wall Street Journal, who obtained the files from the comprehensive Sony hack last week, the two production companies had high-level discussions. E-mails revealed in the hack to and from Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal included talks about Marvel using Spider-Man in Civil War, and co-producing a new trilogy of films.

The arrangement that was proposed, however, would have kept creative control under Sony, which is likely the sticking point on Marvel’s side.

In the Civil War comic book the movie will be loosely based upon, Captain America and Iron Man wind up on opposite sides of a hot-button political issue about registering superpowers with the government and revealing secret identities. Spider-Man is caught between them, initially siding with Iron Man and revealing his ID, before swinging the other way and supporting Cap in the end. Since the talks apparently broke down, it’s possible that Black Panther, revealed for the film as part of the Phase 3 announcements, will take Spidey’s place.

WSJ reports that the talks "eventually broke down," and Sony is back to its own slate of film plans.

Also revealed in the hacks are some of those plans they are moving forward with for Spider-Man. These include an animated comedic feature film from Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who headed 22 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie. The Spider-Man spin-offs were also mentioned as still in the works, and a creative summit at the studio in January is planned to suss those out.

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