The CW Extends THE FLASH Mid-Season Finale for Nearly 2 Minutes of Extra Teases

Credit: The CW

The dawn of the Reverse Flash, and the end of new episodes in 2014 for The Flash, is getting a few extra seconds, likely for an extra surprise or two.

The episode, “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” introduces the character of the Reverse Flash in an official fashion - he’s been teased already, of course, as Barry saw him kill his mother in the pilot episode. Later, as Barry’s surrogate father Detective West started to get into more investigation, this yellow-suited Flash duplicate ran in for a little evidence theft and a warning to stop looking into it.

Now his full debut is hitting on Tuesday, December 9, with an episode that will feature Barry coming face to face (but not knowing what face he’s seeing). The trailer showed Reverse Flash in a confrontation with Detective West as well as two of the top candidates of fan speculation as to the villain’s identity: Detective Eddie Thawne and Dr. Harrison Wells.

So why the extra minute and forty-five seconds? It’s likely for a post-credits scene that will deliver a clue to one or both of the two big character identity meetings: Reverse Flash and Dr. Wells. Will we find out definitively who one or both of them are? Probably not, but the extra time should give fans more to think about during the winter break.

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