The SHE-HULK Movie You Might Not Know Exists

image from "Shamelessly She-Hulk"
image from "Shamelessly She-Hulk"
Credit: Garrett Gilchrist
Kierstyn Elrod as She-Hulk in "Shamelessly She-Hulk"
Kierstyn Elrod as She-Hulk in "Shamelessly She-Hulk"
Credit: Alecia Ashby/ Garrett Gilchrist

She-Hulk remains firmly affixed in Newsarama’s countdown of the biggest Marvel characters not to have starred (or thart we know will be starring) in a feature film , but we may have to reconsider her position after finding this…

Uncovered while linking to a story earlier this week about two hours of Star Wars outtakes , a few years back filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist produced tons of footage for what was to be a 90-minute fan-made She-Hulk film called Shamelessly She-Hulk. While he posted dozens of scenes and outtakes from the work he produced, the final edited version of the proposed film doesn’t seem to be completed, or at least readily available.

The film(s) star Lesley Youngblood as the human Jen Walters and Kierstyn Elrod as She-Hulk, and the various segments available guest-star Bruce Banner and the Hulk (of course), Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, the Wasp, Black Widow, Blade and the Punisher … and Captain Weathermaster and Titania and Howard the Duck … and oh yeah, Superman and Batman.

Inspired by the John Byrne comic book series and then subsequent Marvel series, the produced segments make it clear She-Hulk realizes she’s a comic book character, often breaking the fourth wall to make meta-commentary (partially explaining the presence of Superman and Batman).

Here is a six-minute musical trailer of sorts for the film, set to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out a Hero.”

We’re also including a few additional scenes of interest, but all the available videos can be found here and more information about the film is available here.

She-Hulk Fights Titania, guest-starring Spider-Man.

A rough, unfinished segment featuring She-Hulk and Howard the Duck.

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