FIRST LOOK: Obama vs. Osama Savage Dragon Cover

FIRST LOOK: Obama vs. Osama

Savage Dragon #145, Wonder Con Exclusive variant

Logically, the next step is just having President Obama wear a cape.

Erik Larsen was the first to have President Barack Obama (then President-Elect Obama) meet a superhero with the Savage Dragon – something that only seemed right as the Dragon endorsed Obama prior to the election – and now, he’s bringing things full circle with a special cover to issue #145. And after Dragon came Obama and Spider-Man and Youngblood...

The limited edition cover, which will be for sale at the Image booth at this weekend’s Wonder Con in San Francisco shows Obama fighting Osama bin Laden in a nod to Captain America covers from World War II when the hero was shown battling Adolf Hitler or the Red Skull.

“The idea was to do a variation on the old Captain America style covers without swiping anything directly,” Larsen says. “Obama is playing the Cap role, while Savage Dragon frees Lady Liberty from a WMD. Bin Laden is standing in for Hitler or the Red Skull. After the other Obama covers I wanted to step it up a notch and take it to its ridiculous extreme.”

The Obama variant of Savage dragon #145

Larsen passed on the idea of having Obama sock someone like Bernie Madoff in the jaw, or battle a giant, investment-siphoning banking robot for a pretty simple reason: “It got me that Obama vs. Osama blurb. And he's still public enemy #1, right? A banking robot just wouldn't cut it.”

And while it may seem like demand for the cover would…demand it, Larsen is sticking to the plan to only offer the cover at Wonder Con.

“There should be plenty for a three-day show,” Larsen says. “If not-- oh well. There's always the regular version for those that want it. I dunno. It seeded reasonable. I'm saying that now but I’m sure we'll see these on eBay in a couple weeks selling for $100 a whack. Maybe we goofed.”

The regular cover features Dragon and Obama mid fist-bump, and coloring reminiscent of the Obama “Hope” poster by Shepard Fairey. And yes, Obama does appear in the issue – not fighting bin Laden, but still, he’s in there.

For Obama watchers though, Larsen says that this issue will most likely be where the Dragon and the President part ways. At least for a while. “I kind of like the step into the bizarre which this cover represents but I don't really have any more in me at this point,” the creator says. “Still, if something came up I might be tempted.”

Savage Dragon #145 (the regular and Obama variant covers) can be found in comic shops on February 25th


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