DC Comics' Dan Didio: 'You’ll Never Find a Better Expression of Heroism Than CONVERGENCE'

DC's Convergence: Week 4
Art from Convergence: Action Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Dan DiDio, following the four-week reveal of the Convergence two-month event, sat down for an interview for DC All Access to talk about the DC Comics event series. He revealed that there’s a “tip of the hand to Convergence in Challengers of the Unknown” from the first year of the New 52. The co-publisher also revealed that the Blood Moon will have “40 cities from doomed timelines and worlds throughout DC’s history and lore.”

Much of the series first week books will deal with providing “a sense of closure” and “key storylines” from the Pre-Flashpoint DCU “with some level of resolution.”

”Our tagline at the start was, ‘Where do worlds go when they die?’ But it’s a lot more than that. It’s examining the essence of heroism. Every chance that you would have to give up our heroes find a reason to rise up and fight that occasion,” he said. “And when you get a chance to work with these characters, with these interpretations, and put them side by side, in one grand epic, I don’t think you’ll ever find a better expression of heroism than this book.”

Check out his full comments, with a few more teases, below.

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