IDW Brings JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Revival to Comic Books

Jem and the Holograms #1
Credit: IDW Publishing

Let's see a show of hands - who saw the Jem and the Holograms comeback coming?

October 2015 will see the release of Universal Pictures' Jem and the Holograms live-action feature filmstarring Aubrey Peeples and directed by Jon M. Chu, but IDW Publishing will get in on the revival before that, launching a new ongoing comic book series in March.

The series is the latest extension of IDW's licensing relationship with Hasbro, which includes Transformers and G.I. Joe comic book series.

The Jem and the Holograms series will be written by Kelly Thompson (Storykiller, The Girl Who Would Be King) and illustrated by Ross Campbell (Glory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), with "subscription covers" by Sara Richard (My Little Pony, Kitty and Dino).

"It’s the 21st century, and Jem and The Holograms are 21st century girls!" reads IDW's announcement. "Meet Jerrica Benton, the gifted singer of The Holograms, a band that has the right look and the right sound… But one thing is holding them back—Jerrica’s crippling stage fright. Luckily, Jerrica is about to find help in the most unlikely of places when she discovers a forgotten present left by her father. And what she finds is truly outrageous!"
Issue #1 will be offered with five "rainbow foil covers" —one for each of the four Holograms by artist Amy Mebberson (My Little Pony, Pocket Princesses), plus a cover featuring the whole band by Campbell—in a "deluxe rainbow foil and hologram collectible box." A second box set for issue #2 will feature another set of four covers by Mebberson and a group shot by Campbell, but this time starring Jem’s nemeses, The Misfits.
“Getting a Jem and the Holograms comic going was a top priority for me when I started at IDW,” said Senior Editor John Barber. “It took three years, but Kelly and Ross came in with a style and attitude that really got Jem. They understand Jem’s appeal—I can’t overstate the impact Jem has had on generations of fans and readers.”

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