Guillermo del Toro's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie Lives - Script Turned In to WB

DC Comics December 2014 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics

While it wasn’t on DC and Warner Bros’ big master list of upcoming comic book movies over the course of the next several years, it sounds like the Justice League Dark movie by Guillermo del Toro isn’t ghosted just yet.

From the unlikely source of Forbes comes the report (according to del Toro himself) that the writer/director has turned in a completed screenplay, for the movie tentatively titled Dark Universe - though we don’t know if they’d want to stay away from the “Justice League” brand name. On the one hand, it does slightly confuse/dilute the brand with a completely separate cast of characters. On the other hand, as the comic books and animated features have shown, when you slap “Justice League” on something, it brings in more consumers.

Previous conversations with del Toro have revealed how excited he is about the source material and the prospect of a film featuring DC Comics’ magic and horror side of their universe. The characters he has mentioned in the past include John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, and Black Orchid, though any number of characters could have been added in or taken out since he began work on the script in early 2013. While Constantine being on NBC may be seen as a hindrance - that isn’t stopping The Flash from getting a big screen adaptation, complete with a separate second actor in the role.

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