Marvel Releases Full Map of SECRET WARS' BATTLEWORLD

Secret Wars Battleworld map
Secret Wars Battleworld map
Credit: Marvel Comics

“Every story, every book is leading to Secret Wars.” A convention answer has become Marvel Comics’ credo of late, and a new teaser, accompanied by one heck of a map, shows how true that is:

Secret Wars Battleworld map
Secret Wars Battleworld map
Credit: Marvel Comics

"When everything ends, there is only Secret Wars” says the teaser. That makes it sound like the incursions, currently being battled in the pages of Jonathan Hickman’s two Avengers titles, are going to wind up worse than expected. Well, either way, we at least know what will survive, and that’s Battleworld. The planet is an amalgam of various timelines, alternate realities, and worlds seen in the pages of Marvel Comics over the year, each representing a “nation” on the world, destined to fight it out for survival. While we previously saw the teasers released for three weeks after the event book’s announcement mapped to the new Battleworld, Marvel has now released a map showing the grand majority of other places, and hinting at what other realities will be involved.

For instance, you have Greenland, which is where the “Planet Hulk” teaser flew up to in the initial Battleworld reveal video. The mystical city of K’un Lun, the source of Iron Fist’s powers, seems to make the trip to Battleworld on its own. There is, no joke, Marville, and a mystical land called “The Eye of Agamotto.”

Perhaps most internist is the Manhattan nation, which is made up of the Earth 616 Manhattan, the Ultimate Universe Manhattan, Attilan plopped down in the middle, and the Monster Metropolis underneath. There’s also “The Wall,” Which seems to separate off “The Deadlands,” “Perfection,” and “New Xandar” from the rest of the world, and three spots that remain Classified.

Take a look at the full map [and click here for a super-large version] and try to make your own guesses at what each location represents. And if you are still doubtful over how much the X-Men are involved in this crossover, just look at this: “Domain of Apocalypse,” “Utopolis” (possibly), “The Monarchy of M,” “Sentinel Territories,” “Mutopia,” “Westchester,” “Bar Sinister,” and even “Limbo” all have decidedly X-involved sounding names.

Just for fun, here’s how the original teasers translate, matching up the reveal video with the new map and guide:

Planet Hulk: 1. Greenland
X-Men ’92: 33. Westchester
Age of Apocalypse: 3. Domain of Apocalypse
Armor Wars: 5. Technopolis
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows: 8. The Regency
Years of Future Past: 30. Sentinel Territories
Attilan Rising and Ultimate Universe: The End: 20. Manhattan (a, c)
Future Imperfect: 2. Dystopia
House of M: 29. The Monarchy of M
A vs X: 17. Marville
Old Man Logan: 31. The Wastelands
Civil War: 22. The Warzone
The Infinity Gauntlet: 40. New Xandar
Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies: 39. Perfection & 38. The Deadlands

Secret Wars begins in earnest in May 2015, written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic. In a moment of correlation, Marvel’s chief competition, DC Comics, is publishing a story called Convergence in April and May 2015, wherein various realities get mashed together on a single planet, forced to fight it out.

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