Kirkman’s Biggest WALKING DEAD TV Show Regret, REVERSE-FLASH's ID Will Be Kept Secret

Michael Reventar as Blackout in "The Flash"
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The television adaptation of The Walking Dead paved the way for writer/creator Robert Kirkman to be a major player in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have regrets. Kirkman revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that the season finale of The Walking Dead’s first season is something he’s do over if he could.

“If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have done the CDC episode,” Kirkman tells THR’s Lesley Goldberg. “It possibly gave away too much information and was such a big change very early on in the series.”

His issue with that episode is the reveal by CDC doctor Edwin Jenner that the zombie plague is inside everyone, regardless of being bitten. Kirkman also says that Jenner’s offhand mention of doctors in France possibly having a cure, saying that he hoped to keep the mystery about other parts of the world a secret – for future stories, now including the announced spinoff TV series.

“"I've been careful in the comic series to not say what's happening in other parts of the world. It's something that's going to be fun to explore in the spinoff series,” Kirkman reveals. “But the fact that France is mentioned in that episode and other things like that, I probably would have steered away from that stuff if I had to do it all over again."

Regardless, the success of The Walking Dead and the writer/producer’s subsequent deals for Outcast at Cinemax and Thief of Thieves at AMC made the Richmond-born writer as the “most powerful” comic writer in Hollywood according to THR, edging out DC CCO Geoff Johns, Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar and Chris Claremont. Interestingly enough, Stan Lee, Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb failed to make the list entirely.

Tuesday’s FLASH Promises debut of Blackout as an ‘Electric Vampire'

Episode 7 of CW’s The Flash will be revealing another DC villain making his live-action debut: Blackout. The character, played by Michael Reventar, is described by the actor as an “electric vampire.” In a THR interview, Reventar is excited for the special effects done for his character in tonight’s episode, as well as the time given to develop the character’s origin.

“To play a character that is considered the strongest source of electricity on earth, who is deemed an electrical vampire — he is cursed with the urge to drink. He cannot stop. He has to keep drinking electricity,” Reventar says. “What's cool is that's how he's introduced. S.T.A.R. Labs finds out an electrical substation is being drained drastically fast. The Flash shows up, and you see blackout drinking from the station. It's going to look amazing.”

Reventar describes the cast of The Flash as a real family, mentioning that co-star Jesse Martin cooked brunch for the cast recently. When asked about the chances of Reventar as Blackout to return to the series down the line, he remains ambiguous saying “we’ll see what happens.”

Reverse-Flash is Coming, But Who’s Under the Mask Isn’t

Speaking of The Flash, while set photos spoiled his appearance weeks ago, and we had it confirmed over the weekend that Reverse-Flash will appear in the mid-season finale of The Flash, there are still some mysteries surrounding his first appearance on the show., in an interview with cast and crew, found out that while we’ll definitely see Reverse Flash, and he’ll even have a conversation with Barry, he’ll be pulling a familiar trick.

”He’s vibrating, so [Barry] doesn’t know who he is. We don’t see his face,” Grant Gustin said. “No characters see his face and the audience doesn’t necessarily see his face either, but Barry gets to hear him say that he killed his mom.”

While, obviously, no one is spilling the beans on the secret identity of the character, Gustin merely said, “literally no one knows what’s going on. Anyone who think they know what’s going on is wrong. I’m in the in, and I thought I knew, but Andrew Kreisberg told me and I was like, ‘Holy crap.’”

“I like to think that we’ve done a good job on both shows of meeting fans’ expectations and subverting them,” Kreisberg added. “It can’t just appeal to comic fans and it can’t ignore them either.”

One person that seems to be out of the running, though, is the enigmatic Dr. Wells. Or at least, he’s covering his tracks. “Cisco and Wells devise a trap to bait the Reverse Flash and they enlist the help of Tina McGee, played by Amanda Pays from the original (90s) Flash show. it becomes an interesting new combination of characters,” said the producer.

Downton Abbey: The Stark Ascendancy
Downton Abbey: The Stark Ascendancy


If you thought the short fan film we posted earlier featuring Darth Vader versus Batman was eye-opening, check out these piece of fan fiction: Hollywood screenwriter Gary Whitta, who is writing Gareth Edward’s Star Wars spinoff film, recently jumped into a bit of fan fiction and penned a Marvel/BBC mash-up titled Downton Abbey: The Stark Ascendancy.

Created with his wife Leah, Whitta has posted the first pages of the story which finds Iron Man’s father, Howard Stark, being brought to the Downton Abbey estate to pitch the family on his innovative technology in light of the impending second World War – and he needs the family to help fund it.

“Well, recently I’ve been tinkering with a totally new kind of power source that could offer potentially limitless energy,” Stark says in an excerpt. “A miniaturized high-energy reactor that –“

“My dear fellow, “Lord Grantham interrupts. “We’re in Yorkshire. If you want to see limitless energy you need only take a drive down the road to the nearest coal face.”

Whitta has written several comics in the past, and is currently working on a series called Oliver for Image to debut next year.

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