How Can You Save CONSTANTINE? Showrunner Says, 'Just Keep Watching It'

Matt Ryan as Constantine
Credit: NBC

So, Constantine didn’t get a “back nine” order, meaning its original 13 episode season one is all that’s 100% assured at NBC. But before people start to panic or get too into #SaveConstantine campaigns, showrunner Daniel Cerone has a really simple solution if you want more: Just keep watching.

The EP pointed out during a stream of early morning (or late night, depending on your perspective) tweets on his personal twitter account that Constantine’s ratings aren’t exactly cancelation-worthy. The key is all about terminology - the show isn’t canceled, it just didn’t have additional episode for season one ordered. Season two is just as likely as it was before this news hit.

Constantine is not canceled. You watch, we live,” Cerone said. He pointed to fellow NBC dark drama, as well as other comic book and genre shows to further his point. “Constantine [has] higher ratings than Hannibal and CLIMBING. Sleepy Hollow 4.6, Flash 3.7, Constantine 3.5, Arrow 2.6, Supernatural 2.5. [And] we have worst time slot. Keep faith!”

Interestingly, as a sign of the times, Cerone specifically pointed to the time-lapse watchers as a source of help for the show, those who stream on or Hulu. He said to watch live, but said streaming helps significantly. NBC, for its part, is still clearly behind the series, even putting the stars in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The thirteen episode season will air as scheduled, continuing in the Friday 10pm timeslot. Sister station Syfy has even run a marathon of episodes to help promote the show.

So it’s that simple, Constantine fans. Enjoying the show and want more? Keep watching it, and encourage friends to watch it. It’s not dead yet, and the people running the show seem to have every confidence in its future.

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