Roc Upchurch Off RAT QUEENS After Domestic Violence Arrest

Credit: Image Comics

Coming off of a recent arrest of domestic violence, artist John “Roc” Upchurch, is officially off the Image series Eisner-nominated Rat Queens confirmed by the series’ writer, Kurtis J. Wiebe via his personal site.

“This is a difficult and upsetting statement to write. I couldn’t have imagined something I love so dearly would become connected to domestic violence….As of today, Roc Upchurch will no longer be illustrating Rat Queens. This is going to be a transitionary period for the series as we rebuild and prepare for a new start.”

Wiebe also stated that he still has a lot of love for Upchurch. “I’ve spent a lot of time with him, at conventions and signings and quiet times over dinner when the crowds have gone away. Shannon and I have spent time with his wife, whom we admire greatly.” He continued with he still cares about and love Roc and “[his] greatest hope is that in all this there is an opportunity to find help and for healing to take place in his family.”

No name has been announced yet as Upchurch’s replacement. Rat Queens has been a fan favorite and critically acclaimed, as well as one of the most known books that features an all-female primary cast.

If you or a loved one are a victim of domestic violence, please visit for more information and assistance.

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