DEADOOL Latest Marvel Prose Novel Star in 2015's PAWS

Deadpool: Paws
Credit: Marvel Comics

"You're gonna need a bigger leash"?

Breaking the fourth wall in a novel is a little more common and not quite the same thing as in a comic book, TV show or movie, but Marvel is forging ahead anyway with Deadpool: Paws, a 2015 original prose novel "of the Marvel Universe" starring the meta-commenting Merc with a Mouth, in “disturbing” story about “mutated canines…and the regenerating, loudmouthed mercenaries who love them.”

Paws will be written by novelist/comic book writer Stefan Petrucha.

”Something is turning the city’s dogs into giant, bloodthirsty killing machines. And Deadpool is charged with taking care of business,” reads Marvel’s description of the novel. “Only thing is – Deadpool likes dogs. He doesn’t want to kill them. Now, people – that’s a different story. He can kill loads of people. At least the ones who deserve it. So what we’ve got here is a genuine character dilemma.”

“Deadpool is such a fun character that transcends the comics themselves,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel in an announcement. “When we were discussing which characters should get the prose treatment, Wade Wilson was always right near the top. From the first chapter, the book has everything you love about Deadpool, and I can’t wait for fans to get their hands on it.”

Paws is the second 2015 prose novel announced by Marvel this week. Tuesday the publisher revealed details about the Ant-Man prose novel Natural Enemy.

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