GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - How it Should Have Ended, More JESSICA JONES & LUKE CAGE Candidates

Katie Cassidy as Black Canary and Colton Haynes as Arsenal
Credit: The CW
Katie Cassidy as Black Canary and Colton Haynes as Arsenal
Katie Cassidy as Black Canary and Colton Haynes as Arsenal
Credit: The CW


A pair of new images of Katie Cassidy and Colton Haynes from the set of Arrow are circulating, with no discernible origin point (looks like someone’s instagram, but it’s not Haynes’).

The images show both characters in costume as Black Canary and Arsenal, the new identities we’ve just learned of for each. The full-body shot doesn’t look great for the pair of … can we call them second generation heroes? After all, they’re both following in the footsteps of those who came before. They seem to be detained in the back of a van - though it could also just be a transport with them on a mission, but we can’t see any of their weapons. The third option, of course, is that they just took a picture together on set - but that’s not very fun to talk about, is it?

Marin Ireland in "The Divide"
Marin Ireland in "The Divide"
Credit: WEtv


Deadline has updated their story about actors in consideration for the roles of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage for Marvel Studios and Netflix’s upcoming Defenders series. The trade reports Marin Ireland will now be tested for Jessica Jones following the cancellation of her WEtv series The Divide, and Cleo Anthony (Transparent) is in consideration for Cage.

As reported Wednesday, the solo 13-episode Jessica Jones series will follow Daredevil and Cage will debut and appear in roughly half of the episodes. Deadline reports the Luke Cage solo series will be the last of four series before the five-episode Defenders 'event' series.

Given Cage’s long-time partnership/friendship with Danny Rand, it’ll be interesting to see if the character will also be called upon to appear in the Iron Fist solo series, reportedy to be third out of the gate.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – ‘How It Should Have Ended’

Popular YouTube channel How it Should Have Ended (which should be self-explanatory) has turned their attention to the 2014 reining North American box office champ Guardians of the Galaxy, offering several animated suggestions as to how the Marvel Studios hit film … should have ended, of course.

Check it out:

STEPHEN AMELL Criticizes Press Handling of his Critical Remarks about DC Movie Announcement

Finally, and back to Arrow, a video on AMC Movie Talk featuring Stephen Amell has “sensationalized,” according to the star. First, for context, the actual words he said, starting at about a minute in:

”I thought that the way that Warner Bros announced the slate of DC Movies could have been handled better. I think that someone like Grant Gustin who has just launched an iconic character like The Flash to record-breaking numbers, numbers that far surpassed Arrow’s numbers… I think that he should’ve been given a wider berth than two episodes before another actor was announced to play his character.

“All that being said, that’s because I’m protective of Grant, and that’s because I think that producing 23 episodes of super hero television is more difficult than producing a feature film. And it’s 23 episodes again and again and again and again… as Peter Roth says, ‘Oh God!’

“But I’ve never seen a need for the television side and the feature side to crossover. This is nothing that I haven’t said before, I’m pretty sure. I’m sure that Ezra Miller will do great as The Flash. And if they found a great Oliver Queen [for the films], fantastic! I’ve had some great chats with people at Warner Bros. Again, I thought the whole timing of the announcement - the most important day that you can have as a television show is when your ratings come out for your second episode. Not your first episode - anyone can be trained to watch a pilot. It’s the people that come back when they haven’t been inundated with advertisement and they decide ‘I watched the show a week ago and I’m going to watch it again because I enjoyed myself the week before.’ The call that I got from Peter Roth, who runs WBTV, the enthusiastic call came after episode one, then the absolute awesome ‘let’s go twelve years, baby’ call came after episode two. So I thought that it was sh*tty that all of this stuff got announced the morning that the spectacular ratings of the second episode of The Flash came in.

”All that being said, everyone wants to judge things immediately. The plan that Warner Bros has, and it’s a wonderful plan, overall, and that DC has for the introduction of the Justice League over the course of all these stand alone films, is going to take place over the course of 5, 6, 7, 8 years, right? Who’s to say what’s gonna happen. I’ve had some great conversations with Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer at DC. We have had these conversations shortly after these announcements came out and I came away from those conversations feeling great.”

Amell addressed the matter on his Facebook page after the genre press began picking up on his remark. Brought to his attention that io9 published a recap of his remarks under the headline "Arrow's Stephen Amell Is Pissed At DC For The Flash Movie Announcement", Amell responded, “No. That's a sensationalized headline designed to grab page views. Video of my entire answer - which I completely stand by - is readily available online. Hey io9... Your website is better than misleading headlines.”

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