CGI PEANUTS First Trailer, The Almost-STARLORD Revealed, Plus Two GotG Deleted Scenes

John C. Reilly's Corpsmen Dey in a deleted scene from " Guardians of the Galaxy"
John C. Reilly's Corpsmen Dey in a deleted scene from " Guardians of the Galaxy"
Credit: Marvel Studios

Apparently, it was almost “Always Sunny” in the galaxy. Because even journalists need to reveal their own set of “DVD extras” nowadays, Drew Magary, fresh off his GQ cover story on Chris Pratt, through some extra bits that didn’t make it into the piece. Included among those? Glen Howerton, star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was in the running for the role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.

"Glenn came along a little bit later, but there was a good chance that, if I didn't cast Chris, that I would've cast Glenn Howerton in the role,” writer/director James Gunn said to Magary.

Among the other extras Magary revealed, Pratt knows how to skin a coyote properly, vulgarly talked about Adrian Peterson and his punishment, and he and his wife Anna Faris talked about One Direction. Can’t imagine why that didn’t make it in the GQ piece.

And speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, here are a couple of deleted scenes from the film. The first newer one is a silly aside as John C. Reilly's Corpsmen Dey has a little trouble with a light on his uniform. Guardians is available on Digital HD starting today and on Blu-ray, DVD, and On-Demand December 9!

Finally, this is little bit out of our comic book zone, but Peanuts is one of the most beloved comics in the world, so here’s a look at the first trailer for 20th Century Fox’s 2015 CGI-animated Peanuts feature film.

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