Steve Wacker Answers Your Spider-Man Questions, Part 1

The Weekly Webbing with Wacker

Steve Wacker is crazy.

We opened the floor to questions for the Amazing Spider-Man editor yesterday, thinking that we'd pick out a handfull of the best ones, and hit him up for some answers.

Instead, he turned the table on us, and started the process without us. And he calls it "a start."

So here are the first installment of Steve's answers to your Spider-questions. More tomorrow.

Look what I do for you Newsa-bummer! Up late on a Wednesday and still working for your never-requited love.

I picked a few questions out of what was up so far, so here’s my quicky responses.

FilmBuffRich wrote: Now that I am getting divorced from wife, while I be able to read and relate to a single Peter Parker, or must I still make a pact with an extra-dimensional entity who really isn't the devil (wink, wink) in order to emjoy the current SPIDER-MAN books?

Sorry to hear, Rich, as the child of a broken home I know that can be a rough experience for everyone involved. You’ll most likely be able to enjoy the book anyway since we don’t really dwell on all that stuff in the actual books, but you should really focus on paying your alimony first.

And stop winking at me. Brady’s getting jealous.

cpahl2000 wrote: Steve, Will the classic Sinister Six will be prt of the sinister 666 or will see a brand new group of foes?

In regards to # 600, which is a milestone issue without any doubt, will we see those amazing artists such as martin, Bachalo, Jimenez and JRJR on board? I hope so because they helped and help to make ASM such a great title in regards to art.

Thanks for your time.

I can’t say too much about the Sinister 666 right now, but it’s not exactly what you’re expecting. We’re not retelling any of the old Sinister 666 stories.

As for Spidey 600, I was just typing up something today and most of the folks you mention will be involved. It’ll be a big, beautiful comic. We have a lot to live up to after the stunning work on Thor #600, but I’m aiming to top it.

Brian wrote:

Hey Steve,

Can we get some Ben Reilly action? I know that he is popping up in Spider-Man/X-Men, but I think there is at least a small contigent of fans that would like to see him alive in the current 616. Appreciative as always of the time that you take to do this.

There’s a lot of Ben Reilly love around. Eventually you’re bound to get your wish. Not right away though.

Golden_Gnome wrote: Steve, when is Bob Gale still writing on AMS or is his main focus as one of the behind the scenes Grandmaster? I enjoy his plotting, humor and retro-style and would enjoy seeing something new by him.

Ha! Thanks for writing, Bob! As you know you’re cooking up a brand new Spidey adventure that I can’t announce yet, but that should be out this summer.

Golden_Gnome then wrote: I meant "is Bob Gale" not "When is". I need an editor.

Hey, I’m looking for a change of scenery. Keep me in mind!

bucksuperstereo wrote: will we see spidey's reaction to dark reign play at all in any/most of his books? seems like a no-brainer, but i'm not sure if that has to play out in the avenger titles or not.

Bendis has a pretty important Spidey scene coming up somewhere in the next couple issues of Dark Avengers and all the Spidey books right now are shaded by the events of Dark Reign even if it’s not expressly mentioned in every issue. Some of the DR elements will take on a larger role in the next few months culminating in our official tie-in to DR called “American Son” starting in May by Joe Kelly and Phil Jimenez.

pifpog wrote:

In 2000 Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mark Millar and Tom Peyer submitted a proposal to revitalize Superman that included having Mxyzptlk cast a spell so that, after one last day together, no one remembered that Lois and Clark had been married and Lois forgot Superman's secret identity. Had you or anyone at Marvel read this proposal before OMD?

Was Loki (the trickster) ever considered to the agent of change for OMD and, if so, why didn't Marvel go that route?

By the way, since BND I've been buying Spider-man books regularly for the first time in years.

Welcome aboard. I’ve started to actually read Newsarama for the first time in years (instead of just posting “meh” in every thread), so we have something in common.

I’ve read that Superman pitch since I used to work at the Superman place, but OMD was a done deal by time I was hired here, so I can’t really speak with any authority to the planning around it. I tend to doubt it though since the idea of having one last day to get things done in your life is a pretty easy idea to get to story-wise. Don’t know about Loki either. Sorry.

Abe. wrote:

Not a question, but a request/comment; Please bring Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider back to the Amazing Spider-Man comic. Only then will I purchase the title.

In that case, Abe, Ben’s been starring in the book all year, he just dyed his hair brown. Welcome aboard!

chuckwagon002 wrote: question at the start of bnd it seemed like peter was not aware of his past being altered and then later in the run i think it was an issue of the new ways to die arc it seems as if he is aware that the past has changed whats the deal?

We just didn’t have Pete mention it when we started BND. Our goal was to just hit the ground running in Spidey action since he had been caught up in events for well over two years at that point, so we chose to keep that stuff off to the side for a bit as we introduced all of the new elements in Spidey’s world. For many folks the changes to Spidey were and are tough to swallow and nothing was going to change that, so we made the decision as a group to press forward as strong as we could and bring all the changes up later.

As a quick follow up, it’s worth mentioning again that Pete’s past changed very little, just the marriage disappeared. All the secret ID stuff has an in-story resolution that is yet to be revealed.

Also, he hates wheatcakes now.

NorthstarX wrote: When will we find out what Mary Jane whispered?

Not sure exactly when, but probably within the year.

Elbourne wrote: What are three of your all-time favorite rock albums?

I know this is a gag, but you have no idea how much I love this question. Here are Four:

Springsteen-Born To Run;

Van Halen-1984;

Elvis Costello-King of America;

Pat Benatar-Crimes of Passion

Now go forth and become like me.

The Escapist wrote: Now that some time has passed, do you feel like it was a narrative mis-step to unmask Peter, given that there wasn't the wealth of stories that could have been mined before that plot point was undone? Or was it too much of a game changer, thus contributing (at least in part) to the move toward this new status quo?

This question is better aimed at someone working on the books at the time…or to Dan Didio in the next thread over.

I‘m pretty sure though that the unmasking wouldn’t have happened without the plans JMS, Joe and Axel had for One More Day in the pipeline, so I don’t think it was a misstep. I thought that was a pretty interesting run of stories.

Kooster wrote: When will you stop rebooting Spider-Man's continuity and characters, just to match his current multimedia counterparts? And how many times are we going to see Peter Parker get the crap kicked out of him? Isn't it getting boring trying to find new and different ways of beating the crap out of Peter Parker?

If you’re working on Amazing Spider-Man and you find yourself getting bored with finding new hells to put Pete through, it’s time to move to another book. There are always more threats dangers and adventures to be had. It’s an ongoing book, not a 588 issue mini-series.

Also, right now we have 67 more crap kicking planned for Peter through 2010.

saiyanspider wrote: My question is non spider-man related. Why is Wolverine in yellow and blue and not his brown costume?

My answer is non-Wolverine related. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell are pitch perfect in the Howard Hawks classic His Girl Friday.

Hope that helps.

Jonathan_Brown wrote: What kind of genitalia does Lilly Hollister have when she takes the more manly Menace form? Is it green? Hairy? What if Menace and Green Goblin were to make creepy serumed up babies?

You’ll have to buy the action figure to find out. Also wait ‘til you see the cover to #597.

Dr Manolis Dooplove wrote: the question: how much of Spidey's Civil War stories are still canon? How much of JMS' run? Did aunt May discover Pete's identity and then forgot, or she never did? Did Spidey unmask, and then the whol world forgot? or did these events never happen?

All those things happened and would be what you’re calling “canon”. This hasn’t been hidden information, we’ve mentioned it time and again. I’m starting to suspect people just look for their names and don’t read answers! Hope that helps.

More later….

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