Time is Short in Second BOOM! Studios Teaser for New February 2015 Series

Credit: BOOM! Studios
Credit: BOOM! Studios

Update: And closing out the day, here's a second teaser from BOOM! Studios. This one doesn't give much new information outside the even more prominent "M.I.D." - some sort of military group, it seems - but what is it that they're fighting?

We expect to find out tomorrow, before the solictations hit in full. Click the image above for the full second teaser, and check out the first to your right.

Original Story: BOOM! Studios sent Newsarama an exclusive teaser image for a February 2015 debuting series ahead of the solicitations this week. In this first exclusive teaser, we see a soldier with some sci-fi elements in a recruiting poster.

"Life Sentence? Fight for your planet instead," the poster touts. Sounds like a science fiction mix between Suicide Squad and Starship Troopers. We'll have more from this series later today and a reveal ahead of the solicits.

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