THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF BLACK COMIC BOOKS to 'Illuminate Forgotten Corners of Comic Book History'

Credit: IDW / Yoe Press

Time to bone up on your history lessons. With Black Panther and Cyborg getting a spotlight solo film each, plus major roles in upcoming team films, the black superhero will get some well-deserved and much needed attention. But what about the history of characters and creators alike in comic books themselves?

Credit: IDW / Yoe Press

IDW and Yoe Books hope to answer that question, while bringing to light the rich world of comic books created by African-Americans and centered around black characters. The Untold History of Black Comic Books is a “nearly 200 page” hardcover hitting stores in February 2015, curated by historian Professor William H. Foster III and Craig Yoe.

”This book is important to me on several levels. It is not just the culmination of years of research,” Professor Foster said in a press release,” it is the latest chapter in my efforts to illuminate the forgotten corners of comic book history. Despite the fact that I have been a fan, collector, and historian for comics for many years, I still meet people in and out of the comic industry who say they have never seen, or heard of Black comic books. Incidents like that used to depress me. Nowadays I just smile and say, ‘Well, let me tell you a story…’”

The book will follow comic books from the 1940s through to today, and outside of obvious superhero candidates will cover the general depiction of those of African descent throughout the history of comics.

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