Katie Cassidy's ARROW Superhero Costume Revealed - Black Canary!

Katie Cassidy as Black Canary on ARROW
Credit: The CW / Geoff Johns
Katie Cassidy as Black Canary
Katie Cassidy as Black Canary
Credit: The CW

Here’s the first shot of Katie Cassidy as Black Canary on Arrow.

Yes, Katie Cassidy's Laurel is going to be putting on a costume soon, and seemingly taking over her sister’s role. While nothing was specifically said in the reveal, the photo was tweeted out by DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns. He included stars Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell on the tweet, along with executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and AJ Kreisberg. The CW confirmed to Newsarama that her character will be called Black Canary on the show.

Cassidy’s Laurel Lance has been teased as taking over the role for some time now, since receiving the black leather jacket from her sister. After Sara’s untimely death, Laurel started training with Ted “Wildcat” Grant to learn how to fight, out on a mission of vengeance.

Tonight’s episode is focused on Wildcat, so this costume’s debut may be coming sooner than later.

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