Word Balloon: The Bendis Tapes, Part 4

On this edition of The Bendis Tapes, we wrap up our remaining questions with Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis. You'll hear Brian's latest convention stories from the New York Comic Con, and some revelations regarding his current and upcoming projects.

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

Bendis was part of a Marvel creative group that met with Kenneth Branaugh to discuss his film plans for Thor.

"It was a great day, on par with the day we met with (Jon) Faverau to talk Iron Man. Whew! I'm not kidding, I've been in non-Marvel Hollywood meetings where the film people say, 'I'm not even going to read the damn comic.'"

On casting the voice of Jessica Drew for he Spider-Woman Motion Comic:

"You're looking for the voice in your head...that smokey Marlboro voice that isn't trying to be sexy. I had written dialog that I was quite happy to hear out loud ...but some actors saw the character bio which says she's from Wundagore Mountain, so they'd do a Bulgarian accent, which was like, 'Holy lord in heaven!’"

Bendis has written 10 scripts for Spider-Woman He compared it to the motion comics:

"It's being produced for the motion comic itself, not as an afterthought and it's in continuity. Whatever the language of the motion comic will be, it's going to be exciting to see Spider-Man, The Thunderbolts, Agent Brand and The Avengers and everyone up and around in motion comics... You're going to see something very different.”

Also - in Dark Avengers #3, a major chapter in the Sentry mystery will be revealed.

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