DC Cinematic Multiverse News: Yeah, Robbie is Harley, & Guess Who's Coming to GOTHAM

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Love is in the air on Gotham, with a surprising coupling coming. Despite being engaged to the almost always pantless and seemingly handcuffed to her apartment Barbara Kean, Ben McKenzie’s James Gordon has a new, second love interest coming to town. While in the comics he had a tryst with his police captain, the show is going in a different direction: Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

“They just hired Morena Baccarin on Gotham to play my love interest, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and she said, ‘Hey, I did an episode of The O.C.!’ and I was like, ‘What!?'”  McKenzie told The Daily Beast in a new interview. He also teased a major guest appearance that could be coming to the series. “The Graysons may appear this season. I’m not 100 percent sure yet, but I think so.”

Credit: DC Comics

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the DC Cinematic Multiverse, Collider has the “exclusive” news about Margot Robbie’s potential role in Suicide Squad, 2016’s “Dirty Dozen with Supervillains” film. That role is, of course, Harley Quinn, which we said was likely who she was up for weeks ago when she was first rumored for a role in the film.

In recent years, Harley has been a mainstay in the Suicide Squad comic book, even acting as a field leader of the team. The Joker’s love interest, sidekick, and (literal) punching bag, Harley debuted on the beloved Batman: The Animated Series before making the jump to comic books. She has also been in the Batman: Arkham series of video games, where she’ll be a playable character in 2015’s iteration.

It looks like the Suicide Squad film won’t use too many of the B- and C-listers that are frequently on the team in the comics. There are rumors and reports that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will appear   in the film, and that Jared Leto will play The Joker for the super villain team-up, too.

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