Captain America: The Winter Soldier 80's VHS trailer
Credit: Marvel Studios

What if this year's Captain America: The Winter Soldier was made in the 1980s? A fan-made trailer mashing up dozens of films, trailers and even videogames from the 80s through this month makes an impressively convincing, and nearly seamless facsimile.

From Robocop to some 80's movie starring Robert Redford to Batman Begins to Scott Pilgrim to the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, see if you can spot all the movies mashed up into one. Here is how its creator ChiefBrodyRules describes the plot of the film:

"The year is 2007. Crime is at an all time high and the law has a plan to wipe it out! CAPTAIN AMERICA (Chris Evans), a Vietnam vet who was given super strength by a military scientist, Abraham Erskine (Cillian Murphy) is now America's new crime fighter. When he refuses to kill an innocent Senator he is back stabbed by the very people who made him! He's out for revenge. If you're going to make enemies, you better make sure it's not America!"

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