Hey - Want to Ask Steve Wacker a Question?

Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #587

This week for our Weekly Webbing with Wacker Spider-themed Q&A, Amazing Spider-Man editor has decided to wade into it with his eyes open.

Meaning…got a question?

Yup – Steve’s asking for your Spider-Man questions, so let’s hear them. He said he’s going to take ten, but as fans of Steve’s from his 52 days will remember, sometimes he gets on a roll, the spirit fills him, and he goes nutso. In short, we’re not sure what we’ll have come Friday.

A quick word or two of guidance…

Ask questions that you think will get answers, not questions that require Steve to agree with your premise in order to answer them.

As a kid, Steve went to circuses with a stick and poked tigers in the cage. As an adult, Steve teases Newsarama readers. If you do not have a strong constitution (looking at you Turkmenistan…and people who get upset when they are teased and joked upon), or weep easily, or have been told by others on occasion that someone is just having fun with you, you may not want to ask a question.

You may want to keep questions with a narrow focus, particularly towards things Steve can talk about (the Sinister Six, the upcoming “24/7” storyline, what’s going on in “Character Assassination,” why the police don’t take off Spider-Man’s mask and fingerprint him when they have him…) rather than say, who we’ll see who up after #600 (which is a few months away).

Other than that – have at it.

Need some more ideas? Just press play...

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