AGENT COULSON Teams Up With MARVEL HEROES 2015, Plus: Here Comes The Juggernaut!

Agent Coulson (and his big Destroyer Gun) in Marvel Heroes 2015
Credit: Gazillion Entertainment

Players of the Marvel ARPG Marvel Heroes 2015 who embody the very Coulson-like aspects of diligence and loyalty will have the first crack at unlocking the free Agent Phil Coulson Team-Up for their game's accounts this week as part of the game's monthly Omega event.

Unlike a lot of premium content in this game (and games like it), Agent Coulson is not for purchase but can only be unlocked by collecting a large amount of a special in-game currency earned only by participating in special monthly “Omega Week” events and trading them in to Dum Dum Dugan.

While not a playable character in his own right, Agent Coulson (voiced by the man himself: Clark Gregg) who has been an NPC since the game's launch, joins the ranks of the AI controlled Team-Up heroes that players can turn to who either provide passive support, are called in for a short term heavy strike, or provide constant fire-support. Agent Coulson provides that constant fire in spades with his Destroyer Energy Rifle straight from The Avengers.

Agent Coulson works with any playable character in the game, even the villains like the newly released Avatar of Cyttorak: The Unstoppable Juggernaut.

The latest bad guy who only occasionally plays at being a hero to make the leap from in-game Boss to playable character (following Loki and The Taskmaster) is Cain Marko, voiced by veteran Juggernaut voice actor Fred Tatasciore (Wolverine and the X-Men). He brings a lot of what made him a challenging foe into a powerful hero to the delight of the game's fans, including a powerful and infamous directional charge attack that 'one-hit killed' a lot of new players.

The most significant difference between Juggernaut and most of the other playable characters is that his powers are almost always 'on' and instead of a general 'spirit' pool to fuel special attacks Juggernaut uses a 'momentum' system that builds up as he moves around and can be spent to buff almost all of his attacks. Attacks that ring very true to the characters like the aforementioned heads-down charge, a powerful leaping elbow drop and classic strong-guy attacks like a sonic clap and an Area of Effect earthquake stomp.

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