DC TV Casting Updates: SCARECROW to GOTHAM, SUPERGIRL Adds 4 Familiar Castmates

Villains Month Week 3 BATMAN titles
Credit: DC Comics

GOTHAM’s Roster Expands

Another week, another Batman villain? The parade of villains continues for Gotham with the promise of another coming soon - but unlike the already well-on-their-way versions like Penguin and Riddler, this one is meant to be a little closer to Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

The future Scarecrow, Jonathan Crane, is coming to the series, but he’ll be a child when he debuts. That’s according to a Zap2It report of a Gotham Comikaze panel where EP Danny Cannon broke the news. He said that his father will actually hold the Scarecrow moniker first, so we’re getting both a young Jonathan Crane and an early Scarecrow.

Casting Continues for Supergirl

In addition to the two female leads announced last week (Kara Zor-El “Danvers” and her adoptive sister), more casting information for Supergirl, which already has a series order from CBS, hit on Monday. Media maven Cat Grant, photographer James Olsen, tech wiz Winslow Schott, and DEO bigwig Hank Henshaw are all now on the casting docket.

Of course, all four of those names mean a lot more to a Superman fan than your average viewer. Jimmy Olsen, most people on the street probably know a thing or two about. He’s a photographer, he’s Superman’s pal, and he’s usually a bit green behind the ears. According to TVLine’s casting notice, they’re casting late 20s to early 30s for Olsen, open ethnicity, and he is importantly listed as “James,” not Jimmy. He’s described as a “smart, worldly, and attractive photographer for CatCo. An Alpha male with salt-of-the-earth nature.”

So what’s CatCo? It’s a media conglomerate owned by Cat Grant, who in the comics has been anything from a gossip columnist to a high-level rival for Lois Lane. Here, she’s a 40-something (open ethnicity casting once more) head of CatCo, and she’ll be Kara’s direct boss in civilian life - Kara won’t be a reporter, though, she’ll be Cat’s personal assistant.

Winslow “Wynn” Schott, meanwhile, is the Superman villain known as Toyman in the comics. Here he’ll be a twenty something tech wiz who lives next door to Kara, and of course pines after her.

Hank Henshaw, finally, will be a 40-something DEO agent who is “worried that Supergirl’s otherworldly abilities pose a threat to humankind.” In the pages of DC Comics, Henshaw was an astronaut who went on to become the pre-52 Cyborg Superman, a villain who once posed as Superman himself after the latter’s supposed death. In the New 52, that villain’s role is filled with another being close to Kara - her father.

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