A Call for Dan DiDio Questions

Sweet fancy Moses.

The last time we opened the call for questions for DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio, we were clobbered with a record-setting 352 responses. We regretfully could only pull 20 questions for the installment, so we’re back again.

By this time, you know the drill – the questions that are likely to get picked are those that will get solid information out of Dan, or at least get him talking. Questions that aren’t likely to get picked are those that essentially require Dan to agree with your subjective judgment in order to answer, the typical “have you stopped beating your wife?” questions, or those looking for specific plot points – specifically those that will come to pass after an upcoming event. Yes, we have had questions about what’s coming up after Blackest Night.

So – caveats in hand, let’s rock and roll. We’ll pick twenty of the best, and be back with Dan’s answers on next Wednesday.

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