ULTRON Makes More Disney Songs Creepy in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Trailer Parody

Ultron as seen in the parody
Credit: How it Should Have Ended

Oh, How it Should Have Ended, why are you so damn funny?

It seems all anyone can talk about right now is the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, and we admit, we’re no exception. The hilarious animators who make new endings for all of the movies you love (and some of the movies you love to hate) have taken to the trailer themselves. Sure, parodies of this trailer seem to be a genre unto themselves, but when they're this funny, why not?

The focus? Ultron’s quoting of Disney’s Pinnochio. This time around, though, he goes for some other, less relevant Disney movies, making them sound no less creepy, of course. Check out quotes from The Lion King, Aladdin, all the way up to Frozen, and stay tuned for the bonus “after-credits” scene.

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