Heroes Con: Laura Martin Joins Gaijin Studios

Martin Joins Gaijin

At Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gaijin Studios made it official: award-winning colorist Laura Martin has joined the studio.

Martin, who has won multiple Eisner and CBG awards for her color work over the years has been associated with many of the biggest titles in the industry, such as Ultimates, Planetary and The Authority and more recently Astonishing X-Men, Secret Invasion and Thor.

“We moved to Atlanta two years ago, but I’ve been friends with these guys for years,” Martin told Newsarama of the move. “Secretly, in my heart of hearts, I hoped that I’d be able to join them, and I couldn’t resist when I saw the new studio.”

Martin, who has her own studio at home, but said that the social interaction and creative synergy of working in a studio setting was too much to resist. “I can get bored to death at home,” Martin said. “I tend to stagnate if I’m not around other creative people. I’ve always enjoyed working in a studio setting, so I just came on down.”

Martin joins Gaijin members Cully Hamner, Brian Stelfreeze, Karl Story, Doug Wagner, and Tony Shasteen who were already affectionately referring to her as the studio’s “den mother.”

For Martin’s part, she said she’s not worried at all about joining the studio with creators who are known to be a touch…rambunctious at times.

“Oh, they can bring it, but I’m not worried,” Martin laughed. "I can certainly sling it as well as take it.“

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