BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Teaser Trailer - as Animated by a Fan

Credit: Free Will Revolution

If you weren’t at Comic-Con International: San Diego in July 2014, then chances are you’ve read a description of, but haven’t actually seen the teaser trailer Warner Bros showed fans of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in Hall H. If the competition with Age of Ultron is any indication, then we’re probably about a year away from seeing the first trailer for the film. A full year!

But who wants to wait that long?

Certainly not one intrepid Youtube user Marvin Tan, who goes by “Free Will Revolution.” The amateur animator usually works on his own series, but recently posted a fan re-creation of the teaser trailer. Having been at the panel myself, I can attest: this is fairly accurate, if not dead-on with what was shown at the con.

Of course, it’s not quite as fun as seeing it in live-action. The whole premise of seeing a live-action Batman and Superman on the big screen together is the thing that has people excited about this movie, after all, but it’s probably the next best thing, and certainly better than any paragraph-long description of the footage. This also isn’t the only animated version to hit the net. The How it Should Have Ended crew made their own take way back in August, just about a month after the con.

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