SUPERGIRL on CBS Casting Info Reveals 90s-Influenced Name, More

Supergirl #1
Credit: DC Comics

The Supergirl series at CBS, which is being executive produced by Greg Berlanti of Arrow fame alongside Ali Adler and Sarah Schechter, is flying full speed ahead. WB TV and Berlanti Productions have begun casting for the pilot, and TVLine has the first casting information.

Kara Zor-El’s last name on the series will be… drum roll… Danvers! That’s the name of her foster family in the series pitch. She’ll be 24 years old on the show, and they’re casting 22 to 26 year-old caucasian women. The Danvers family “taught her to be careful with her extraordinary powers,” according to the casting notice, and after repressing them for half her life she is, according to TVLine, “forced to bust out her super moves in public during an unexpected disaster.” That causes her to decide to start superheroing on a regular basis. Modern fans probably recognize the "Danvers" name from the 90s Supergirl series, which starred a girl named Linda Danvers. The name actually goes back to 1961, however, when the original Kara was adopted by the Danvers family, and went by the name Linda Lee.

The second lead being cast is her adopted older sister, Alexandra “Alex” Danvers, who is 26 on the show. She’s described as “gorgeous, brilliant,” and “science-minded.” Alex studies all she can about Kara and her alien origins and in the show “works for a secret government organization.” Whether that will put her at odds with Kara or on her “team” similar to the teams that have built-up around Arrow and The Flash is yet to be determined, however.

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