A Quick Look at IDW's Graphic Classics

Comics have long been home to adaptations of classic literary works all the way back to the fondly remembered Classics Illustrated series of books, and the trend is back on an upswing in recent years. California-based IDW Publishing is one of the publishers getting in on the action, and they're leading off their "IDW Graphic Classics" line with the recently released graphic novel adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.

Best known for the Disney animated film, the story of a young boy raised by jungle animals was first published in the late 19th century as a series of magazine stories. Although British, Kipling was born and raised for his first six years in India and wrote these stories as fables. In this graphic novel adaptation, European writer Jean-Blaise Mitildji and artist TieKo have gone back to the original Kipling stories to tell theirs. This volume was originally published in France by Editions Adonis, as well as several other adaptations which IDW will republish in the coming months.

"We found these great, lusciously illustrated French adaptations of literature classics and decided to bring them to English-speaking audiences," said editor Justin Eisinger. These IDW editions will be hardcover 48-page adaptations with back-up material "exploring the author, the time period in which the work was created, and more."

"Any chance to expose new generations to the great works of literature, encourage reading, and maybe sneak in some real history is an opportunity worth taking," said Eisinger.

Future releases from IDW's Graphic Classics line include graphic adaptations of Robinson Crusoe, The Odyssey, Arabian Nights, Around The World in 80 Days and Oliver Twist.

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