Movies? Comics? What is DAN SLOTT Teasing SPIDER-MAN Fans with Now?

Marvel Comics December 2014 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics

As tension builds leading up to the 11am PDT / 2pm EDT Marvel Studios event being held in Los Angeles, CA, it seems like everyone is getting in on the fun. While Marvel executives are being fairly silent on the issue, we did find this tweet from one of Marvel Comics’ premiere writers very interesting.


That’s Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott tweeting about a “Spider-Man related freak out.” Most interestingly, however, is that he tweeted it just after retweeting the link to the liveblog of the Marvel Studios event.

Now, Dan Slott has been known to play with his fans on social media, with teasing tweets and downright trollish Facebook posts (like changing his profile picture to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends… after brutally killing them in the pages of his comic). This could be another case of that. Of course, he has also been privy to Spider-Man movie news in the past, visiting the set of the recent Amazing Spider-Man films. There have been rumors flying that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are working on a new agreement that would allow, in some fashion, for Spider-Man and his movies to exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, there’s also the matter of a major crossover called Spider-Verse that’s just kicking off, of which Slott is naturally the chief architect. We’ve also been seeing teaser after teaser for what we’re pretty sure are Secret Wars tie-ins from Marvel, but haven’t gotten a Spidey-focused one just yet. There is every possibility that his tweets in succession were misdirection as he was really talking about comic book action (and just happens to be excited about the Marvel Studios stuff because guess what, Dan Slott really loves comics and their related media).

Still, with the timing, it’s sure fun to think about isn’t it?

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