Relive the MARVEL STUDIOS Event

Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios
images from the Marvel Studios event
images from the Marvel Studios event
Credit: Newsarama/Thomas. J. McLean

Marvel Studios has invited the press and fans to a mysterious event in Los Angeles at 2pm ET. No one knows what will be announced - will Marvel try to top Warner Bros./DC's even two weeks ago by announcing all of the titles on their schedule of reserved dates?

Will they confirm rumors Captain America 3 will be subtitled Civil War and co-star Robert Downey Jr.?

Could rumors of Spider-Man returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe be revealed as true?

Will Benedict Cumberbatch be introduced as Doctor Strange?

No one knows exactly what will or won't be announced but we'll be covering the event live! as it happens. And no need to refresh the page. Just keep this page open and watch the event unfold in real time.


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