5 Minutes of BATMAN V SUPERMAN ... Talking About Bats

Ben Affleck loves Bats
Credit: Warner Bros.

Look, it's five minutes of brand-new footage posted on Warner Bros' official account for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

...but it's a PSA. About bats.

Yes, bats are in fact very important to the ecosystem. Hate bugs? Then you need to help save the bats! The cast and crew of the film found themselves dedicated to the conservation of bats, currently dying by the thousands due to a fungal infection known as White Nose Syndrome. The PSA wasn't all, though. Zack Snyder and company actually sponsored a "Save the Bats" event to build bat habitats - it's cool to see the director even getting his hands dirty at the event, acknowledging that "as a movie that benefits from bats, it's important!"

Check out the video below, and visit http://www.savebats.org/ for more information on what you can do.

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