WOOOO!!! WOOOOO!!! REGULAR SHOW’s Muscle Man – Interviewed!

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Halloween is coming soon, and Cartoon Network is celebrating with all-new Halloween episodes of your favorite shows – including, of course, Regular Show’s annual anthology “Terror Tales of the Park,” which airs Wednesday Oct. 29 at 6 p.m. EST. This year: Pops gets literary, Mordecai and Rigby rent the worst horror movie ever, and oh yeah, we get to meet Muscle Man’s Mom.

To commemorate this extraordinary event in Regular Show history, we were given the opportunity to follow-up our acclaimed interview with Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess by getting to “talk” to the star himself, Mitch “Muscle Man” Sorrenstein (uh, with some help from the Regular Show writers).

A veteran employee of The Park, Sorrenstein is known for his diligent dedication to his job, his intense bond with his co-workers…and of course non-stop pranks, crashing cars, ripping off his shirt and jokes about “MY MOM!”

We sat down with this mean, green… whatever he is… to get the scoop on this Halloween special and what’s coming up at The Park. And his good bro Hi-5 Ghost might even make an appearance!

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Newsarama: So, Mitch...

Mitch “Muscle Man” Sorrenstein : Oh no, bro. Call me Muscle Man. Only my number one fun bun Starla calls me Mitch. And she didn’t even start calling me that until we went out for a year, and I knew she was legit. TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!!!

Nrama: ...sorry, Muscle Man. So, you take center stage in this Halloween special.

MM: Center stage! That’s how I like it! WOOOOO!!!! (twirls shirt over his head and there’s a sound of something crashing down) Sorry, bro! I’ll pay you back for that lamp. Lamps aren’t expensive, right? I’m strictly a candle guy.

Nrama: It’s cool. So you get your co-workers to tell some pretty scary stories this year.

MM: The stories are scary for most people, but when you’ve seen what I’ve seen, it’s not too bad.

Nrama: You’ve seen a lot of scary movies?

MM: No, but I’ve seen my mom walk out of the shower. That was a horrible birthday.

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Nrama: And of course, as a master pranks-man, I'm sure you've got a whole slew of classic Halloween gags, from ringing doorbells to hurling T.P. Any favorites?

MM: First of all, thanks for calling me a master pranks-man. That means a lot. I’ve worked a lot on my craft, and I don’t do it to be recognized, but when I am, I appreciate it. I love the classic Halloween gags, for sure. I love the ol’ “pretend that you’re dead in a coffin, but then jump up and scare a kid.” That’s a Muscle Man classic.

 But now I’m into more covert stuff. My bro just gave me a military-grade slingshot that flings pumpkins 500 yards. So you could be trick or treating a block away, and then…BOOM!! Pumpkin to the face!!!

Unless that’s not legal. If it’s not, I didn’t just say that.

Nrama: This Halloween, we finally get to meet your mom! Why's it taken so long?

MM: Next question.

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Nrama: Sorry, sorry. But it's obvious your mom means a lot to you.

MM: I said next question!

Nrama: Of course. So your best…

MM: I’m sorry that I lost it a bit on the Mom question. She’s just…my mom, you know. I don’t ever want people disrespecting her.

Nrama: OK, but you tell “my mom” jokes all of the time.

MM: “My mom” jokes? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Nrama: Let’s move on. So your best friend is Hi-5 Ghost -- I bet Halloween is meaningful to him, right?

MM: Why would Halloween be more meaningful to Fives?

Nrama: You know, because he's a...forget it.

MM: He’s a “forget it?” What’s a forget it?

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Nrama: Never mind.

(Hi-5 Ghost enters)

Nrama: Hey, we were just asking what you thought about Halloween!

H5G: Well naturally, Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Nrama: That’s what I assumed.

H5G: Everyone knows that I was a state champion apple bobbing champion in high school, and Halloween is my time to shine!

Nrama: Oh, I thought you’d love it because you’re a…

MM: He said before you were a forget it.

H5G: What’s a forget it?

MM: I don’t know, bro. This guy is kind of freaking me out a little bit.

Nrama: Just a few more questions. Muscle Man, I'm sure your girlfriend Starla is big on Halloween! Have you two ever gone in costume as a couple?

MM: Starla and I like to go in costume as a couple whenever we can. For example, one time, I was Carter, and she was Briggs. The year after that, she was Carter, and I was Briggs. We like to mix it up.

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Nrama: Fascinating. So, I was wondering if you could offer our readers a few hints at what's ahead for you guys and your friends at The Park?

MM: Well, I’m usually in my trailer eating pizza pouches with my lady. But I did hear some rumors about stuff happening in the park.

I heard that Rigby had to get a job somewhere else and actually had to do some real work for a change. I heard Mordecai and Rigby might do some international traveling.

And now that Thomas is finally not such a loser, I heard that he does some cool stuff too.

H5G: Muscle Man also makes a big life change.

MM: I’d prefer to keep it private that I just changed my clothes for the first time in a week.

H5G: That’s not what I was talking about.

MM: Oh. Well, then let’s not print that either.

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Nrama: And finally, a very simple question: You know who else loves Halloween?

MM: I do, bro!!! All the kids who love free candy and scaring the crap out of people! Oh, and one other person…my Mom!!!!

Nrama: That’s the “my Mom” joke I was talking about.

MM: Oh right. I love those. WOOOO!!!! (twirls shirt again and again, there’s a noise that sounds like something crashed down). Really?!!! You have two lamps!!!! UGH!!!!!!! Fine, I’ll pay for that lamp too.

Regular Show: Terror Tales of The Park IVairs at a special date and time, Wednesday Oct.29, at 6 p.m.

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