Marvel Teases ATTILAN RISING in Summer 2015 ... Wait, That's New!

Credit: Marvel Comics

Well at least this time all the cynics and people who haven’t been paying enough attention to these teasers can complain that Marvel’s not doing anything new next year.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The newest Summer 2015 event teaser is Inhumans: Attilan Rising, as debuted at and illustrated by relative newcomer artist W. Scott Forbes. Every other teaser so far has revisited a classic Marvel event, from Infinity Gauntlet to Age of Ultron and just about everything in-between. While we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of those classic event teasers, this does throw a bit of a wrench into what we’re nearly positive is an extended promotion for Secret Wars.

After 2013’s event Infinity, the face of Earth was changed as a cloud of the superpower-unlocking Terrigen Mists wafted out across the globe. The Mists changed people all over the world, revealing them as descendants of the Inhumans, a race of humans who were genetically altered by the alien race the Kree (for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, that’s what Ronan the Accuser and the dead blue alien in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. both are).

The teaser shows the royal couple, Medusa and Black Bolt, along with Inhumans new and old, standing over fallen bodies of the X-Men Cyclops and Magneto as well as Avengers Iron Man, Thor, and what look like Hulk’s hand and Captain America’s shield.

So, something new to go with all the something olds - could this be teasing that while the X-Men and Avengers are dealing with incursions and fighting amongst themselves (or fighting dopplegängers from other realities), the Inhumans will take advantage of the situation to establish themselves as the power in the Marvel Universe? That’d be our guess.

Previous 'Summer 2015' teasers have included call backs to Civil War , Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies , X-Men: Years of Future Past , Planet Hulk , Armor Wars , House of M , Infinity Gauntlet and Old Man Logan.

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