TOMASI Promises 'Fast and Furious' Action When He Debuts on SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN

DC Comics January 2015 soliciations
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Peter Tomasi is crafting what he calls "fast and furious" action and reveals for his debut as the new writer on DC's Superman/Wonder Woman in November.

Despite the writer's spoiler-filled announcement earlier this week about his other DC title, Tomasi declined from answering questions about about Batman and Robin, asking instead to stick to the upcoming debut of his work on Superman/Wonder Woman.

And although he had plenty to say about the other half of his creative team, artist Doug Mahnke, the writer kept the details of his first arc under wraps — particularly the details of the character Wonderstar.

Newsarama talked to Tomasi about his upcoming work on Superman/Wonder Woman, why he's supported the couple's relationship since it was conceived, and what readers can expect from Mahnke's art.

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Newsarama: Pete, I talked to Doug Mahnke about Superman/Wonder Woman, and he said that getting the chance to put his own stamp on Wonder Woman was the real attraction for him to this book. What about you? What interested you about this book?

Truthfully, since I'm writing Batman and Robin, it really was the chance to write Wonder Woman and Superman, all at the same time. I mean how freakin' cool is it to be doing the "trinity" (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) month-in and month-out. It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Nrama: When you first heard about the idea to have Superman and Wonder Woman become a couple in the New 52, what did you think about it? And has your opinion evolved at all?

Tomasi: I thought bringing Supes and Wonder Woman together was a good idea. Evolve or die I always say. Nothing wrong with shaking things up. Changing the dynamic of their relationship opens readers up for different types of stories along with a whole new dramatic angle.

Nrama: How would you describe what you're hoping to explore about Superman, and what you're hoping to explore about Wonder Woman, as you take over the writing duties for the comic?

Tomasi: I don't want to get too specific, but it's all about layers, peeling them back and exposing the emotional truth of the character, their distinctive upbringings — and Clark and Diana couldn't be any more different, which seeds the drama of their relationship right from the start.

Nrama: The developing romance between Wonder Woman and Superman has taken center stage in the comic since it started, although there's been plenty of blockbuster, butt-kicking moments involving these two. Will the focus and tone be similar as you take over? Or are you shifting the camera a little?

Tomasi: Charles Soule kicked ass on the book so it's not a formula that needs to be tossed out, but every writer comes at a new assignment with their own point of view, their own angle on the characters, and that's just what Doug and I are bringing to the title — our own take.

This book is about Clark and Diana, just as it's about the heroes at large Superman and Wonder Woman, and we intend to have just as much fun exploring the personal side as we do the superhero side.

Nrama: I know you work to incorporate continuity in your DC comics. How much does "Superman: Doomed" affect the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman as you begin your run?

Tomasi: Thanks for noticing. I do like to incorporate small things from the DCU into my books. It's one of those things I've enjoyed doing and I know readers appreciate it. I will say though, that "Doomed" has no ripples into the current storyline.

Nrama: Who are the main threats during your first arc?

Tomasi: Well, Doug is having a blast drawing Atomic Skull and Major Disaster at the moment, but they aren't the main threat, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little bit before some big reveals hit the shelves.

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Nrama: Solicitations have talked about the introduction of Wonderstar. What can you tell us about that character?

Tomasi: Not a hell of a lot yet, since I don't want to spoil anything, but Doug Mahnke sure makes him look cool.

Nrama: OK, if we can't get any details on Wonderstar, can you describe how Wonder Woman and Superman's encounters with Wonderstar highlight these two heroes? Is it a matter of contrast? Or something else?

Tomasi: Still trying not to give too much away here, but the way that Supes and Wonder Woman deal with this new hero speaks to the core of who they are, the way they look at life and the world around them.

Nrama: Fair enough. How has it been working with Doug on the book?

Tomasi: It's been awesome. Seeing the pages come in on Superman/Wonder Woman is always exciting and gets me juiced up to write every time I get a new one.

I've known Doug since back when I was an editor working on books like Lobo/Mask, Lobo/Hitman and one of the most underrated books ever, Major Bummer, and then I was lucky to have him as an artist on a bunch of books I wrote, like Final Crisis: Requiem, Black Adam: Dark Age, and a few other things, including our last Batman and Robin Annual. So any chance I can get to work with him, consider me there.

When my editor, Eddie Berganza, gave me the good news that Doug was on the book, I was incredibly psyched, 'cause I know he can pull off the small character moments and deliver on the ass-kicking too.

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Nrama: You're working with Pat Gleason on Batman and Robin, and since Doug and Pat Gleason share a studio, why don't you just move your office into their studio and save email time?

Tomasi: Minnesota is too damn cold for me. They should move to New York instead and they can live in my garage. I'll put in a window and a bathroom for them.

Nrama: OK, then to finish up, is there anything else you want to tell fans about Superman/Wonder Woman?

Tomasi: Just that I hope readers enjoy the book and all the cool stuff we've got heading their way, and that there's not going to be any decompressed storytelling. The action and reveals will be coming fast and furious as we hit Superman and Woman with everything we've got.

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