Air New Zealand and THE HOBBIT Team for 'The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made'

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made
Credit: Air New Zealand

Now with a safety video like this, you probably won't mind paying for an extra carry-on or an upgrade fee for a bulkhead seat.

Air New Zealand and the effects/props company for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy has teamed for a second time for an on-board safety video set in Middle Earth with the production values of, well, a Peter Jackson movie set in Middle Earth.

They call it "The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made" and believe it or not it's a sequel to 2012's "An Unexpected Briefing" (both videos below). We can only imagine it'll become a trilogy with some new made-up elements to pad the third edition.

Directed by Taika Waititi, the new video features special effects, make-up and costumes from Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, the New Zealand companies who provided those services for all six of Jackson's Middle Earth films, along with cameos by Elijah Wood and Jackson himself.

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