Ray Fisher Found Out About CYBORG Movie Same Day We Did

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher as Muhammad Ali in ‘Fetch Clay, Make Man’ at the New York Theatre Workshop
Credit: NY Daily News

When Ray Fisher signed his contract with Warner Bros to play Cyborg, he “just wanted to be part of this world.” All he had guaranteed was a cameo appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, he told EW.com.

”I didn’t know the extent to which DC and WB had planned on taking my character,” Fisher said. The actor found out that he was getting his own solo movie in 2020 just hours before the public reveal. “That specific information, I found out then and there. I didn’t think I’d be getting my own stand-alone film.”

The actor didn’t expect such a role to come his way this early in his career. At 27 years old, he thought he’d be in “at least [his] 40s” before seeing any success like this. His interview also confirmed that Cyborg will appear in both Justice League movies, already a nearly foregone conclusion. Interestingly, he finished shooting his scenes for Batman V Superman back in July. He name-dropped meeting Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck on set, as well as Jason Momoa, recently announced officially as Aquaman (at the same time as Fisher’s expanded Cyborg role). That’s the first direct confirmation that Momoa’s Arthur will appear in the film.

As for what it was like to be on set with those heavy hitters? “It was surreal. You get this idea of going to work on a Hollywood set as being really stressful and nerve-wracking. But it blew that stereotype away. If they did have stressful times, it wasn’t while I was there.” He promises, “people are in for a hell of a treat.”

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