THE INFINITY GAUNTLET is Marvel's Latest Summer 2015 Teaser

The Infinity Gauntlet Summer 2015 tease
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

At this stage it isn't a question if there'll be a daily new Marvel morning 'Summer 2015' teaser harkening back to a classic event or storyline, but what it'll be. Tuesday morning has the latest - the Infinity Gauntlet - Jim Starlin and Ron Lim's Thanos-centric 1991 limited series. The Infinity Gauntlet inspired several "Infinity"-related follow-up projects by Starlin over the years and of course the basic structure of Thanos trying to assemble all six of the Infinity Gems serves as the inspiration for the common throughline of all of Marvel's Cinematic Universe films.

With an image featuring Star-Lord and a whole family of Nova's (characters that didn't figure in the original storyline) along with Thanos, the teaser once again show whatever is happening in Summer 2015 isn't a straight rehash of the previous storylines.

Though Marvel has yet to come out and say so, Newsarama's money is still on all these teasers being related to Secret Wars , the 2015 mega-event that will span 12 issues starting late Spring, and is said to be the culmination of all the reality and time-travel manipulation at Marvel Comics over the past several years. The New Avenger series has seen alternate realities crashing into each other, resulting in the destruction of one or both worlds.

Previous 'Summer 2015' teasers have included call backs to Civil War , Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies , X-Men: Years of Future Past , Planet Hulk , Armor Wars , and  House of M .

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