GOTHAM Goes Super-Powered on Tonight’s Episode?

Credit: Fox / WBTV

While Gotham has kept to its promise of staying grounded, there have been plenty of hints about the over-the-top future of the city. Tonight’s episode, entitled “Viper,” looks to go the furthest yet, with a new drug called “Viper” that instills in people a brief bout of super strength and euphoria - before killing them, of course.

Now, if you’re a Batman fan, this probably sounds like another drug familiar to that universe: Venom. In the Bat-mythos, Venom is primarily used by the villain Bane, who gains extreme levels of super strength - think of it like Steroids on Steroids. Viper… Venom… Yeah, this could very easily be a prototype to that drug. Gotham airs Monday nights at 8pm/7 Central.

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