THE FLASH Gets Next Variant Cover Month for 75th Anniversary in January 2015 - See 21 of 22 Covers

The Flash 75 variant covers

It’s another 75th anniversary in 2015, and DC Comics is kicking off the year with their newest star of television, The Flash. For his 75th birthday, the fastest man alive is running from cover to cover at DC Comics, as the latest variant cover star.

Newsarama has the exclusive reveal of four of those covers: Grayson #6 by Jock, Justice League Unlimited #8 by Karl Kerschl and Dave McCaig, Supergirl #38 by Michael Avon Oeming and Rico Renzi, and Superman #38 by Kevin Nowlan.

Check out the full list of variants below, and come back as we gather them up from the usual suspects in this gallery. We've now added more covers from CBR, Comic Vine, IGN and Hitfix for a total of 21 with just one more (Batman/Superman #18 by Jim Lee) to go.

Action Comics #38 by Dave Johnson

Aquaman #38 by Steve Rude

Batgirl #38 by Aaron Lopresti

Batman #38 by Tony Daniel & Tomeu Morey

Batman & Robin #38 by Dave Bullock

Batman/Superman #18 by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, & Alex Sinclair

Catwoman #38 by Ty Templeton

Detective Comics #38 by Josh Middleton

The Flash #38 by Howard Porter & HiFi Color

Harley Quinn #14 by Bruce Timm

Grayson #6 by Jock

Green Lantern #38 by Dog Mahnke & David Baron

Green Lantern Corps #38 by Bill Sienkievicz

JLU #8 by Karl Kerschl & Dave McCaig

Justice League #38 by Tony Harris

Justice League Dark #38 by Kelley Jones

New Teen Titans #6 by Michael Allred & Laura Allred

Sinestro #9 by Ethan Van Sciver & Alex Sinclair

Supergirl #38 by Michael Avon Oeming & Rico Renzi

Superman #38 by Kevin Nowlan

Superman/Wonder Woman #15 by Ivan Reis & Alex Sinclair

Wonder Woman #38 by Terry & Rachel Dodson

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