Could This Be the DC Movie GREEN LANTERN?

DC Comics Rebirth Twitter trailer
Credit: DC Comics

Thursday, just hours before the North American release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC Comics released a series of Twitter teasers about their own upcoming major initiative, Rebirth - details of which will be revealed Saturday at WonderCon. 

One of the teasers strongly suggest that Jessica Cruz would be graduating from Earth-3 ring-bearer to the Justice League's resident full-fledged Green Lantern, a development foreshadowed some time ago by then-Green Lantern writer and current Rebirth architect Geoff Johns.

Considering that no casting of a movie Green Lantern has been publicly revealed and Warner Bros. has outright stated a Green Lantern would not appear in Batman v Superman or even next year's Justice League Part 1 , Jessica's apparent inclusion on the comic book team in DC's major new relaunch/soft reboot reminded us of this following story originally published 17 months ago.

We re-present it to you unedited below...

Originally published October 16, 2014: As soon as Warner Bros. took the Internet out for a ride Wednesday afternoon with the announcement of the DC Comics movie slate through 2020 , speculation instantly turned towards filling in the little details the studio left open.

Like which Flash would newly-anointed star Ezra Miller play, especially since one just launched on TV a mere week and a half ago? And which Green Lantern would (presumably) join the 2016 movie Justice League and headline the somewhat-surprising 2020 solo movie?

Now fans have been asking themselves the Green Lantern questions for some time now, on the assumption GL would be included in the movie League.

If one were to try to handicap things according to common wisdom, a majority of fans and pundits contend it’s unlikely Hal Jordan will represent the Corps. WB-DC probably has to distance itself from the 2011 big-screen disappointment in some way, and as of recently, it looks like Ryan Reynolds is going to be busy with playing Marvel/Fox’s Deadpool.

And there’s another reason why Hal is generally looked upon as unlikely: because he’s a white male, which is something we’ll get to in more detail in a few moments.

For some of those same reasons, few seem to think Kyle Rayner has much of a shot for Hollywood stardom. He’d inject some youth to the line-up, yes, but with several choices if not the original Hal, Kyle seems the least likely.

Guy Gardner can’t be discounted. He would certainly bring a different personality to a movie League, and could bring both a sense of humor and no-nonsense brutality to the party. Batman and Guy’s comic book relationship would be a treat to see adapted on-screen, especially if Batman and Superman are eventually going to make nice in the third act of Batman v Superman. “One Punch,” anyone? But again, another white guy…

John Stewart is always a popular choice, of course, as he’d add diversity to the line-up and is a fan-favorite character with a solid backstory. He’s also has served the GL role once before in another popular Justice League media incarnation – the “Timm-Verse” animated series Justice League and its sequel series Justice League Unlimited, likely for the reasons why we don’t like the odds of Kyle, a Hal redo or Guy that much.

Then there’s Simon Baz – he’s young, also brings diversity to the line-up, and was created by DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns himself just a couple of short years ago.

But if Vegas were to give us some good odds on who will be the lead movie GL, Newsarama’s money wouldn’t be on any of these characters.

Are you beginning to see where we’re going with this..?

Yup, we’re going with this character…

Credit: DC Comics

That is Jessica Cruz, the newest member of Geoff Johns’ comic book Justice League, and bearer of an Earth 3 power ring (for the time being).

Why did it suddenly occur to us late Wednesday night that it could be her? Let’s lay it all out for you:

1.) She of course is a current Justice League member and again was created by Johns, at exactly the time DCE and Warner Bros. seemed to be assembling their master movie plan and starting production on Dawn of Justice.

2.) Did we mention Johns created her himself, again, just a short time after already creating another new young Green Lantern character that serves to add diversity to the GL Corps and the Justice Leagues - Simon Baz (he even set Baz up as her mentor just before leaving the Green Lantern comic).

It would not be a stretch of the imagination to conclude Jessica was created to fill a specific role Simon does not (we’re getting there in a sec), since Johns could have easily slotted him into the comic book League if he chose.

3.) Since we can safely assume the movie League line-up is Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Cyborg, we can conclude the movies are following at least the basic roadmap of the New 52 line-up Johns created.

4.) Cyborg basically supplanted Martian Manhunter (as well as other potential characters with rich Justice League history like Green Arrow, Hawkman, and the Atom), no doubt in part to inject some youth and technical weaponry into the line-up, but to also provide some yes … diversity.

5.) Finally, that seven character League … pardon us for saying so … is/was a bit of a sausage fest.

There, we said it.

Jessica Cruz, in addition to providing some new ethnic diversity as a character of Latino decent, would also provide the movie League an extra dose of estrogen. This would add a few extra character dynamics for Dawn of Justice and likely Justice League screenwriter Chris Terrio to play with, and could also potentially help the movie’s appeal across those all-important “all-four quadrants.”

But waitaminute you say, Jessica isn’t even a Green Lantern. She possesses a power ring that from another Multiverse Earth that feeds on fear rather than willpower.

All true, but hold on a minute, comic book faithful. Geoff Johns is clearly setting up a comic book storyline for Jessica in which a wounded character learns to overcome her past and the fear associated with it and become master of her own destiny. Despite now possessing control over the Earth 3 artifact, it still has a tainted, villainous origin, powered by fear, hardly the usual tools of the superheroic. We can easily imagine a character arc in which she overcomes her own fears, masters the ring completely and destroys it so it can never be used by anyone again. She’s then granted a true Green Lantern ring and inducted into the Corps for her valor and service in saving the Multiverse (as the Justice League will undoubtedly do on several occasions in the coming year or two).

Seem far-fetched? Johns has already hinted that Jessica becoming the first female Green Lantern of Earth is exactly the plan. Recall these panels from May 2013's Green Lantern #20 (Johns' finale), showing the future of all the major DCU GLs:

two panels from Green Lantern #20 declaring Jessica's future
two panels from Green Lantern #20 declaring Jessica's future
Credit: DC Comics

So is any of this starting to 'ring' true?

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