BATMAN V SUPERMAN Set in New Mexico Sets Off Speculation

Batman V Superman's New Mexico Set in progress
Credit: ABC 7 KOAT

With Warner Bros' DC Comics movie buzz at an all-time high thanks to that tiny announcement they made Wednesday, people are now on the lookout for anything they can get, even mainstream news sources. ABC 7 KOAT in New Mexico took a flyby of the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, currently in-progress, being assembled there for the next phase of shooting after an extended principal photography session in Detroit, MI.

The set sees some sort of temples or a fortified complex being constructed, in what looks like an ancient style. There are several places that it could be a stand-in for. We could be seeing the first nod to Shazam, and Black Adam's nation of Khandaq or the other fictional Middle Eastern nation Qurac. It could be Themyscira, Wonder Woman's ancient Greek island. The DC mystical city of Nanda Parbat would be a bit out of left field from what we know of the movie so far. And of course, it's a film adaptation with its own universe, so it could also be someplace completely new that we have no idea about yet. Check out the flyby and start guessing yourself.

Correction: Misidentified Black Adam's home nation of Khandaq as Qurac, a different fictional Middle-Eastern nation in the DCU.

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