NYCC '14: SPIDER-VERSE Panel - SILK Gets Ongoing Along with SPIDER-GWEN

Spider-Gwen #1 by Robbi Rodriguez
Spider-Gwen #1 by Robbi Rodriguez
Credit: Marvel Comics
Silk #1 by Dave Johnson
Silk #1 by Dave Johnson
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is just about to kick off their last panel of the NYCC 2014 weekend, their Spider-Verse panel. Before it kicks off, here's a first look (above) at the cover to February's Spider-Gwen #1, the debut issue of a new ongoing series starring the suddenly popular character, as initially announced Friday at a Marvel-retailers breakfast meeting.

The ongoing series will be written by Jason Latour with Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi. Look for more details in the next hour.

Joining Spider-Gwen as new ongoing series star in February will be Silk, starring Cindy Moon, the character recently introduced in Amazing Spider-Man who was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers.

Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson tells the stories, artist Stacey Lee draws them and Eisner Award winner Dave Johnson provides the covers. Also look for more info on Silk over the next hour.

Amazing Spider-Man writers Dan Slott, Amazing Spider-Man artists Giuseppe Camuncoli and Humberto Ramos, Scarlet Spiders writer Mike Costa, Silk writer Robbie Thompson, Spider-Man 2099 writer Peter David, Spider-Verse Team-Up writer Christos Gage and Spider-Editors Nick Lowe and Ellie Pyle were on the scene to talk with fans.

Lowe opened up the panel to discuss Amazing Spider-Man #7, teasing fans with Amazing Spider-Man #8 and #9 to fans. "It's very revealing," Lowe said. "Do not tweet any of this," Slott said. "With great power comes great responsibility."

Slott then gloated about some of the characters that got the axe in the last issue, such as the death of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. When a fan groaned in disgust, Slott threatened Ms. Lion: "If you keep talking about it, I will kill the dog!" Lowe said it was unclear if any of the spiders would come out of this event safely.

Lowe asked Slott why Ms. Marvel was appearing in this event: "Because it's my favorite book coming out at Marvel right now, and I love it so much."

Slott said that everything about Ms. Marvel was the same core as Spider-Man - a teenager trying to solve her problems and make good as a superhero. Gage agreed: "It's so much fun, she's so excited to team up with Spider-Man," particularly since Kamala 'ships Spider-Man and Captain Marvel so much.

With that, Marvel was able to project images for Spider-Verse, including pages from Issue #7. Spider-UK is the latest new character, as a member of the multiversal Captain Britain Corps. In the next issue, we'll see May "Mayday" Parker - a.k.a. Spider-Girl from the MC2 universe. "She is a very big part of Spider-Verse," Lowe said.

"She had such a wonderful story that gave her a happily ever after, and everything was so great," Slott said, before cackling evilly. "I think I'm getting really good at killing people," Ramos added. "It is one of the most heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching stories," Lowe said.

Next Wednesday will have rock star and Eisner winner Gerard Way writing Edge of Spider-Verse #5, featuring the Gundam-esque mech SP//dr, featuring Pene Parker and an alternate Daredevil. "It is fantastic," Lowe said. "We can't wait for you to pick it up."

In Spider-Man 2099 #5, Peter David will be writing a Spider-Verse tie-in with Spider-Man 2099 co-creator Rick Leonardi.

"This will be leading into Spider-Verse - basically the plan is to guest-star every other Spider-Man 2099 that is running around the Spider-Man universe, and kill them all," David said. "Spider-Man is going to be encountering other versions of himself, and discovering that Morlun is after them. And that's going to lead to the various events at the end of Spider-Man. At the end of Issue #5, he resolves to himself that he has to find Peter Parker." Issues #6 and #7 will occur in the year 2099, he added.

The panel revealed the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #9 by Olivier Coipel and Justin Ponsor, which features Miles Morales and Spider-Woman, along with Silk, Anya Corazon, Spider-Man 2099 and the Superior Spider-Man. Issue #10 features Superior Spider-Man looming ominously, and will have Assassin Spider-Man in the issue.

Lowe described Silk's origins, such as her being bitten by the same spider that bit Peter, and then being sequestered away in a bunker for the next 10 years. "She is a big part of Spider-Verse," he said.

Silk #1 Stacey Lee variant
Silk #1 Stacey Lee variant
Credit: Marvel Comics

Launching as part of Spider-Verse, Spider-Woman will also get an ongoing series by Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land, featuring Silk. "But one new book wasn't enough," Lowe said, revealing Silk getting her own ongoing by Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee. The series will launch after Spider-Verse in February.

"That book has been locked down in secret for months," Lowe said, as Lee joined the panel. 

"I'm super-thrilled to be a part of the Marvel Universe, specifically this character," Thompson said. "Dan and Humberto have created a character that is fully-formed, and I'm excited to tell her story." Lee agreed: "I am so thrilled... I have always wanted to draw something Spider-Man, and for it to be a woman is even cooler. I love strong women."

Thompson said it was great to work with Lee, because they were both new to the Marvel Universe. This series will flash back to Silk's time living in the bunker, which Lee said will greatly shape her character. "I know her personality, and I love it," she said.

The next book on the agenda was from Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez - out of the pages of Edge of Spider-Verse comes Spider-Gwen, due out in February 2015. "You asked for it! The response to Edge of Spider-Verse #2 was so huge," Lowe said.

Spider-Gwen #1 by Robbi Rodriguez
Spider-Gwen #1 by Robbi Rodriguez
Credit: Marvel Comics

"We obviously ended that first story with a pretty crazy cliffhanger," Latour said. "Gwen comes back from whatever remains of Spider-Verse, and she decides to become a superhero. Now that she's chosen to define who Spider-Gwen is, what does that do to Gwen Stacy? Those two things are very intertwined." The world has decided she's a criminal, Latour added, and her father is now caught in the middle: "His black-and-white convictions are in a real gray area." And yes, Gwen's band the Mary Janes are still around, he confirmed.

Describing Gwen's costume design, Rodriguez said that he wanted to keep things simple, since he would be drawing that costume for 20 pages at a time. If Gwen was a superhero, she would be "rocking some crazy gear," he added, saying that that helped him narrow down specific shapes and colors of the costume.

Slott praised Latour and Rodriguez for expanding the concept of Spider-Gwen, which was just a single line in his script. Edge of Spider-Verse #2 will be getting a second printing, along with every other issue of the series. "It means so much to us," Lowe said.

Spider-Man 2099 #6 will go back to the future, with some of the events of the series "relocating" to the era. It features Lady-Spider, created by Robbie Thompson and Denis Medri, as well as six-armed Spider-Man. "The really hysterical thing is Tyler Stone was responsible for sending him back to the modern day - he's patting himself on the back because he thinks Spider-Man is gone... but he sent him back 15 minutes ago."

"He came back, and he brings people back with him" David added. "So Stone is not too happy.

Next up in the panel is Scarlet Spiders, a three-issue miniseries written by Mike Costa and drawn by Paco Diaz. The series features Ultimate Jessica Drew, Scarlet Spider of the 616 universe, and Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider. "These three, all Parker clones to some degree, are going on a mission that's somewhat clone-related," Costa said. "That's all I can say."

The next book announced was Spider-Verse Team-Up, written by Christos Gage and classic Spidey writers and artists, including Roger Stern and Bob McLeod. Each issue will have two stories - the first written by Gage and drawn by Dave Williams, and a second story by rotating teams. The series will include Spider-Ham, Ben Reilly, and Spider-Man from the 1967 cartoon. The entire audiene then sang the theme from the cartoon.

Spider-Verse #1 will include Miles Morales as well as the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man will team up - cartoon Ultimate Spidey will talk to the audience, and the 1967 J. Jonah Jameson will never leave his desk (because it's too expensive), Lowe said. Skottie Young will return to Manga Spider-Man, Katie Cook will tell the story of Penelope Parker, an 11-year-old girl who gets "real gross" spider-powers.

Running out of time at the panel, Lowe picked up the pace, posting the cover to Axis: Hobgoblin, written by Kevin Shinick and Javier Rodriguez, as well as Axis: Carnage, written by Rick Spears and art by German Peralta. "It's unlike any Carnage book you've ever read before," Lowe said, as Carnage waves the flag and saves civilians. Lowe also posted a cover to Spider-Man and the X-Men, as well as covers for Daredevil #10 and #11. Finally, Cale Atkinson will do a story of the Amazing Aunt May in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.

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