NYCC 2014: DC DIGITAL: Download This! Panel - WONDER WOMAN '77, MORTAL KOMBAT X Coming

Wonder Woman '77
Credit: DC Comics

Welcome to NYCC 2014: DC Digital: Download This! 

Moderator John Cunningham opened the panel by introducing DC Digital head Hank Kanalz, along with Bruno Redondo, Jeff Parker, Cat Staggs, Brian Q. Miller, Shawn Kittelsen, Marc Guggenheim, Alex Antone, and Kyle Higgins.

Miller kicked things off talking about the end of Smallville Season 11, the end of which will mark the end of the series. "We're bringing together our own proto Justice League to fight the Monitors. My artists hate me right now, cause it's a chance to draw everyone."

Miller exited, allowing Marc Andreyko to take the stage. "The seat's not even cold!" quipped Andreyko.

Kittelsen has officially announced that he is writing Mortal Kombat X, a new digital comic with art from Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Dexter Soy. 

"We're gonna plant a flag firmly in the middle of the 25 years between the last Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat X, and tell some stories featuring your favorite characters, and some new ones as well."

Kittelsen continued, explaining, "This isn't like any Mortal Kombat comic you've read before, for anyone who remembers the old Malibu series. This is very authentic to the games. There's gonna be a fatality every ten pages." Mortal Kombat X is Kittelsen's first comics work as a writer.

Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat X
Credit: DC Comics

Kanalz moved on to speaking about Injustice, handing the reins over to Redondo, who apologized for "all the crap" he would say, since English is not his first language. He expressed his excitement at working with the various Injustice creators, saying that Injustice was a comic he would be reading even if he wasn't working on it. "It's a really good thing that people will remember in the future. I don't know how much time we can keep it going, since we've killed almost the entire DC Universe. Maybe we can create new characters, and kill them to. I think Tom Taylor is open to that."

Fables: The Wolf Among Us
Fables: The Wolf Among Us
Credit: DC Comics

Kanalz then announced a new digital series based on Fables: The Wolf Among Us. "Our comic will throw you for a loop, cause it's not an identical adaptation of the game."

"This is being produced under the supervision of Bill Willingham, with a variety of artists."

Parker then discussed Batman '66, saying that the comics had been building to the Blu-Ray release of the entire Batman TV series. Mike Allred is still on covers moving forward. Upcoming stories include Egghead turning Batman and Robin into the "Ape Crusaders." The "lost episode" of Batman '66, based on a script by Harlan Ellison will also be released in the comic, scripted by Len Wein with art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and a cover by Alex Ross.

"Now this means we can bring in villains that were not on the show, as if they were on the show. I'm not gonna name any here, but if you've read the comics, you can tell I've kinda been setting up villains that could've been created by show villains." Parker alluded to Killer Croc and Poison Ivy.

"Could Billy Barty be Bat-Mite?" quipped Andreyko, with Parker responding, "You're so good at this, Just take over."

Guggenheim then talked about Arrow, saying he was "trying to spend the money he doesn't have for the show," saying the Arrow Season 2.5 will feature things that can't be done on the show, including some infamous trick arrows and more elaborate action scenes. Several characters will be from the show will be returning, including Huntress and Slade Wilson, as well as Ra's al-Ghul.

Kittelsen and Guggenheim improvised an Arrow theme song to the tune of the Brady Bunch, prompting Cunningham to say, "I have to let you know that that theme song is now property of DC Comics."

Antone then discussed Flash: Season Zero, saying they were doing similar stories to Arrow Season 2.5, covering the gap of time between the Flash pilot and episode 2.

Arrow Season 2.5 will also feature the Suicide Squad, with Diggle following the team to Khandaq.

Credit: DC Comics

Andreyko is officially writing Wonder Woman '77, with a cover from Nicola Scott. "This is gonna be Lyle Wagner and Lynda Carter in the '70's. I have a trip planned to Studio 54. I also have permission to use villains from the comics, cause if you've seen the show, you know the only villains are Nazis and gangsters."

Said Cunningham, "Lynda Carter is everyone's favorite Wonder Woman."

"If you enjoy it have as much as I enjoy it, it should be a lot of fun. And maybe, somewhere between Batman '66 and Wonder Woman '77, maybe we can do a crossover."

Quipped Parker, "Can Bigfoot show up?"

Higgins spoke about Batman Beyond 2.0, saying "It's ending, which sucks. But since day one, we've been building to this ending."

"If there's been one theme building since day one, it's second chances. It's a natural ending we're doing. The artist just turned in the final issue here at the show." Higgins summed up his run, saying it's been "a huge honor" to work on the project, and promised it would not be the end of Terry McGinnis.

Time for Audience Q&A!

"Once DC has moved to the west coast, near DC Digital, is there going to be any crossover between the editorial teams?"

Kanalz said it would be "fascinating," saying a new DC culture would emerge from the move. Staggs said DC Digital was the best placed she had ever worked.

"Will there be any Flash/Arrow digital crossover?"

Said Guggenheim, "It's hard, cause at the moment, we want the first crossover to happen on the show. But after that happens this November, yeah, the sky is the limit." Kanalz gave them the official greenlight.

"Will we be seeing the characters introduced in the Wolf Among Us game in the comic?"

Yes. Tons of them. The book begins in the second week of December.

That's it for NYCC '14: DC Digital: Download This!

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