NYCC 2014: MARVEL Unlimited + Special Event - Slott, Duggan, Spencer, Alonso, More

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #3
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's panel for Marvel Unlimited + members always has some fun surprises for the subscribers to their digital service.

Marvel's Executive Editorial Director of Digital Ryan Penagos hosted the panel, with a large group of creators.

Dan Slott, Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, E-i-C Axel Alonso, Nick Spencer, and Ryan Stagman were all on the panel, with a couple of other guests expected later.

Marvel Unlimited + members will get an exclusive Rocket Raccoon deluxe figure sent to them in 2015 - that includes new members that sign up before January.

A page of Guardians of the Galaxy #20 was shown revealing things like Richard Rider, and Drax... holding Mjolnir?

Miles Moreales: Ultimate Spider-Man #6 pages were next, showing off a big montage spread. Bendis was planned to have been at the panel, so Uncanny and All-New X-Men pages were next. Bendis joined the panel a few moments later.

Spider-Verse Chapter 1 comes in Amazing Spider-Man #9. The first shot is of Spider-Man and Silk swinging through the city. Slott said that his editor said he was "a monster" for what he did in Amazing Spider-Man #7. Spider-Gwen, Kaine, and "Old Man Spidey" from ASM #500 all appear in the issue.

A cover to ASM #13 was shown with Spider-Gwen, Kaine, Spider-Ham, Ultimate Spidey, and more on it - so they all survive at least until then.

With Bendis joining the panel, they went back to his books. He said that Guardians #20 "will provide some closure, and make some of you mad, but leave some other things open for certain characters."

In Ultimate Spider-Man #6, we'll see the return of Miles' father, and find out what his giant secret is "that made him leave his family."

Uncanny X-Men #28 is "knee deep into the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier, with a laundry list of secrets revealed. This new mutant that Xavier kept secret has a level of power that's uncontrollable. What Cyclops decides to do with it to further his revolution will tear an even bigger rift."

All-New X-Men #33 sees the original X-Men in the Ultimate Universe. "Because we did it with Cyclops, you should know there's a very good chance that not all the All-New X-Men will return to the regular Marvel Universe. It all leads up to two things happening, Uncanny X-Men #600, and both titles lead into Secret Wars.

Back to Slott, Silver Surfer #7 is "a clip show of all the adventures you've missed. They'll go to a part of space where the stars have run out. I did all these short stories, and asked Mike Allred what he wants to draw, and he said "a moon maze," so I said: done!"

He also said that soon Dawn will find out the secret of Galactus that Silver Surfer has been keeping from her.

Hulk #8 sees Doc Green going after Red She-Hulk to de-hulk her. Duggan said that "we'll see some of the best pages of Bagley's career - I'm so excited to be working with him." He also hinted that Doc Green's plans won't all go well.

Nova #22 is a "stand-alone Halloween issue" and a ghost story. "This leads into Axis and Sam's big coming out party in the Marvel Universe where he will have to save the Universe." The stand-alone features the X-Kids.

Deadpool #36 is the first AXIS tie-in, with Deadpool back at the X-Mansion, but then he'll get inverted and be "Zenpool." Duggan said, "We haven't found too many ways to hurt Deadpool, but we've found great ways to hurt Wade Wilson."

Alonso talked about AXIS itself, and said it was originally a story Rick Remender pitched just for Uncanny Avengers, and Duggan was glad it became an event. "It's an opportunity to explore a really different side of Wade."

Superior Spider-Man #17 is the final issue in November. The cover shows the Foes' take on the Avengers post-credits Shawarma scene. "Big credit to Marvel for letting us tell the story and the ending we wanted all along," Spencer said. "We'll find out what Boomerang has been up to all along."

Spencer is also writing Avengers World, which ties-in to AXIS with #15 in November. "Some of my favorite Avengers, Stingray, Valkyrie, US Agent - we grab a bunch of random heroes and they are Doom's Avengers. Victor Von Doom and Valeria Richards are in charge of them. It's a big opportunity, and of course it all goes awfully wrong."

Inhuman will soon see Black Bolt's return, and in the AXIS tie-in will see Medusa inverted. "Reader will come back in issue 9. he's my favorite character," Stegman said. Inverted Medusa was shown on the screen, and Stegman said, "it turns out she's one of my favorite characters to draw!"

A few video clips were shown next, with a request to turn off any devices that could record.

The first was the brief clip from Agent Carter that was shown on Friday night at the S.H.I.E.L.D. panel. Carter and Howard Stark's chat. Big pop for that clip from the crowd.

Next up was the test footage for the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon - which you can see here.

Third was the test footage for Ant-Man shown at Comic-Con International: San Diego. There's Ant-Man's helmet, then a CGI Ant-Man running along what looks like a rooftop, and he hops on a flying ant. It's all voiced by Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

Finally, Avengers: Age of Ultron was teased with the footage shown at San Diego as well!

People went, it's fair to say, somewhat insane over the footage.

And just for fun, they're showing it one more time! "If I lift it, do I get to rule Asgard?" Tony says to Thor. "Yeah, of course!"

"How could you be worthy? You're all killers. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. There's only one path to peace: Your Extinction."

"I had a vision. The whole world, screaming for mercy. Everyone tangled in strings... Strings."

That's Ultron's narration, verbatim, from the clip. The clip ends (after lots of action) with him sayin, "There strings on me."

Other notable quotes from the footage: Tony Stark saying "It's the end - the end of the path I started us on," with Natasha replying, "Nothing lasts forever."

A short Q&A with fans followed.

Q: Any new Spider books coming out of Spider-Verse?

Slott: "Spider-Verse panel, 4 o'clock today."

Q: Any hopes for a Special Needs superhero?

Alonso: "It's something we've absolutely talked about."

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